Best hospital rankings are meaningless because……

“Best Hospital” rankings are meaningless because very few malpractice cases are ever reported, nor make it to the courtroom. Malpractice victims tend to be dead, or nonverbal, or taken over by guardianship, or locked up in state hospitals or have limited financial means, or are medically compromised or otherwise exhausted. Often malpractice victims are so overwhelmed or traumatized it takes decades to fully realize what has occurred and to understand where the fault lies. Often victims of medical harm blame themselves, blame their families, or blame their illnesses, instead of realizing the fault lay with the doctor, with the medical procedure, perhaps the wrong procedure was done, the diagnosis was wrong, or there was neglect or abuse.

All this is understood over time, perhaps over decades. By then, it is too late to file  a lawsuit or even complain. People are dead, often the perp himself is dead and hospitals have closed or merged.

Therefore, medical mal is rarely pursued and most often, we don’t even know if has occurred. I am a victim of it myself and  a witness to it. I’d say the proportions are similar to sexual assault. 99% is about right. One percent gets pursued as malpractice and the rest walk.

Therefore, any “best hospital” data is pretty much meaningless, or at least should be taken with a large grain of salt.

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  1. I believe it. My own experiences have been very positive compared to those of many others I know. Which is itself a saddening thought. My own weren’t that great either.

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