My own little private investigativor work

I have been looking into what private investigators do, and how they do it. No, I’m not looking into it as a possible career, just doing it on the side. You can, too, and maybe you should. It’s your life. do you want to be in the know? Or not?

After having insomnia, I got to wondering why the overdiagnosis of sleep apnea. Is it even possible that so many people suddenly have this rare disorder?  I doubt it. Is it an epidemic?

What about the machine? Who makes it? It sure looks pricy….Yep, someone is making loads of MONEY…And many companies compete. Ah, great business!Who pays? INSURANCE! Old people get apnea! Taxpayers! Medical device companies are the biggest scammers out there……

Please write the word “sleep” five times up on Facebook and then you will see the slick Facebook sleep clinic ads pop up.

All over your Facebook Google, etc. A nice, compassionate NURSE. Looking right at you……… Awwwwww. Pay up, old dude. Die tomorrow.


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  1. My husband used a CPAP for a while until he complained of sinus congestion – these machines often grow mold – black or pink slime – no matter how well you clean them – he stopped the CPAP and the sinus problem went – lots of people complaining on the internet.

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