Dear readers…….

Dear  Readers,

I’ve been blogging 18 years. I have never been paid a cent for this nor have I ever won a blogging award. However I get a lot of satisfaction from doing it, so I keep on going. I don’t know a soul who has blogged this long nor this frequently. Just about all my writer friends can’t seem to “stick to it.” Why is that? A lot of writers can’t seem to stick to any writing project. Why even call yourself a writer if you hate to write?

I rarely think of it as a gift or talent but I suppose it is. I just write. And honestly, I’m only limited, at this point, by the fact that I can’t type any faster. And because it keeps getting harder and harder to see. Anything.

A new acquaintance of mine and I were discussing loss of eyesight. You can be miserable over it. Or you can laugh, which I choose to do. She tells me her friend’s husband got miserable. I have no clue why I find it hilarious that I sit here typing away while the letters can’t make up their minds whether or not they are italic. Who the hell cares?

Yes I waste countless hours “losing things.” Wait till my head gets lost. Or….

(fill in the blanks, please….)

Recently I heard that the drug Risperdal might have caused this eyesight problem. Hmm. Likely. I took it from the time it came out (whenever the heck that was) till 2011. Nonstop. I don’t take it anymore.

(I hear that it was soooo hyped up as the latest miracle drug that Allen Frances, MD and two other major corrupt doctors, Kahn and one other, were PAID a huge sum to hypermarket it. And to downplay the ahem….”effects.” (I don’t have the link at the moment, it’s a talk by Paula Joan Caplan in 2014 for NARPA).)

I feel sorry for people who struggle to write, but on the other hand, if you ask me to draw anything, um…I don’t think so……. Did you say you wanted two arms on that stick figure?

Do you want fries with your coffee? \\\

Know why I can write? Because it was the way I survived after ECT. I wrote everything down. Kinda to keep track. Out of habit. The docs thought it was “cute.” I kept journals since I was 12 or 13. That means a LOT of notebooks.

“Cute” turned to pissed off when they found out I put the stuff online……

I’m still offering fries with that.

See ya’lls later.

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    1. Of course! Did they try to drug you so you couldn’t draw anymore? They tried to silence me that way. Several times, and they tried putting me in State too.

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