Michelle Carter Update……

Here’s the update:


What good will imprisoning her do? Both these kids had “mental health issues.” I heard she had a severe eating disorder. Given how badly kids with ED are treated, you can imagine how fucked up she is from the bad care and human rights abuses. No, this doesn’t excuse what she did. But are the abusers that abused her in ED “care” going to be imprisoned? How is prison going to heal her ED? How will prison bring back Conrad Roy? How is a kid with ED a danger to society? I doubt she’d try something like that again. She was only 17.

When I think of it, Kate, who was my narcissistic “best friend” in high school did horrible things to me, I’d say far worse than what Michelle Carter did. What happened wasn’t as serious. I’m not dead. However, what Kate did was WORSE abuse than what Carter did. Please tell me why Kate isn’t in prison. Why was SHE allowed to raise daughters? Why is she not called a danger to society?

Yes, what Carter did was “reckless.” Kids do reckless things. They also do reckless outdoor sports, drink to excess, and all kinds of things that never comes to consequences this serious. They’re made to go to war at 18. Is war nor about as reckless as anything?

Please tell me how prison for this kid will help anyone.

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    1. Clearly. The idiocy of it. It won’t bring her boyfriend back. And solves nothing. Plus I don’t see that she’s a danger to society. A lot of 17 year olds behave recklessly. It makes things ten times worse, and it doesn’t help the boy’s family. It makes our society more fearful of so-called “criminals.” Like they are a lesser type of human being. Today I drank from a water fountain and nearly cried thinking of what it must have felt like to drink from a separate one, to be considered “other” all your life.

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