My opinion: Waltham fire…The questions they need to ask

Here is the link:

Clearly someone knows they have not installed the sprinklers. They are familiar with these wood frame structures. They know they go up, and go up fast. Who would stand to cash in?

Well? Who took out the insurance policy? Look no further. Hey, Waltham firefighters, you RISK YOUR LIVES, but someone is seriously cashing in on this. Look no further. As soon as I read about this, I KNEW. This fire was set deliberately, and someone is reaping the benefits.

Elderly people have been displaced. Think of those so terrified they won’t get over it for a long time. You risked your lives and that ain’t right.

Mark my words. I’ve known people who did this, by the way. People who burned their own homes down for the money. And deceit.

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