Can you really think and grow rich?

I disagree with the Think and Grow Rich people. If you examine who, exactly, is making these types of statements, you’ll notice they themselves did not think and grow rich. They were rich to begin with. Or they got rich by ripping others off in pyramid schemes, or by sponging off their husbands or wives. Their diatribes on Thinking and Growing Rich is nothing but blaming the poor for poverty as an attitude problem, when you realize what they’re really saying. Because if we could all only manifest money, then poor folks only have a Bad Attitude, right?

Many of them become coaches, who in turn tell people they have an attitude problem. They help these people improve their attitude but it’s nothing but making people feel worse, since it’s finger-pointing in disguise. These unfortunate suckers hand over thousands to the coaches and do not get any richer, nor more successful. They might feel better, but are they any further along in life, have they progressed with their jobs, are they healthier, etc? No, but they progressed in the coaching itself. Because like therapy, coaching is a means to an end. Especially the attitude-touters.

The Think and Grow Rich people are bullshit. This is what they really do. They Think and Quickly Cover Their Asses. They Lie and lie again. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Because they aren’t so rich but they want to convince you they are so superhuman that they could manifest their own destiny, they are beyond the beyond. Yes truly filthy when you think of it.

2 thoughts on “Can you really think and grow rich?”

  1. I don’t like life coaches or “self help” books myself. Writing coaches are different though. More like tutors/mentors or small-scale professors.

    A lot of folks with graduate degrees who couldn’t find decent academic jobs are now doing quite well as private online tutors. They make more money and are much happier. While not necessary, their advanced degrees can be a true asset.

    I tried selling Avon till I gave up in disgust. Avoid that pyramid scheme! 🙂

    1. From what I can tell, writing coaches outright lie, telling non-writers that they’ll be successful, totally ambiguous about what successful really means. In fact, if successful means number of book sales, then, all that means is that you’re a good salesperson, it has nothing to do with quality of writing.

      I have known many non-writers, people who actually HATE to write, who go to writing coaches whining about how much they hate writing, saying, “Make me a writer.” They do this for years, and the writing coach knows their “clients” hate to write. The coaches collect the dough from the non-writers who hate writing and most of the sessions consist of talking the non-writer into wanting to write day-by-day. Nothing about technique since non-writers don’t even get that far, they can’t get themselves to put pen to paper, They’d rather watch TV than do this thing called writing.

      No thanks. I think life is too short to waste time ripping people off. Non writers usually quit the business once they realize they’ll make more money doing what they WANT to do, maybe going into IT or actually making a buck instead of paying the ripoff coach.

      And please stop subtly insulting me (again!) with yet more “career suggestions.” I directly asked you many times to stop, Rachel, and you haven’t. If you don’t stop, I will stop allowing you to comment on my blog. Comments are moderated, as always.

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