More about Columbine and ABUSE

Apparently there was more to Columbine than the drugs. I KNEW it. Apparently one of the boys, or possibly both, had been raped by the Sheriff less than a year prior to the incident during some sort of arrest or apprehension. They’d gotten themselves into trouble an the Sheriff held them. Well that’s when it all happened. Apparently the boy’s dad had a notebook he kept that he withheld after the whole thing occurred. Because he didn’t want people to know. And there was some “arrangement” made.

They had been raped and they were pissed. Does this all make sense now? Yeah, it’s all coming together. They were pissed off, and they were going to let you all’s know. All of us. It was the big fuck you.

Apparently several of the other parents, parents of victims were not okay with the “arrangement” around this notebook. Apparently some of the kids’ notes were withheld, too. Someone is protecting this sheriff, too.

You can look it up if you want. His last name is Walsh. Sheriff Walsh. Look up Walsh/Columbine. You’ll find it and how they put Mark Taylor away. Mark and some of the other kids figured it all out. Don’t you think kids figure stuff out? Sure they do. They know before the adults do. Mark knew, Mark and the others. And they had to keep him quiet.

Hmm…so no one’s talking, eh?

I was abused by a therapist. My therapist was narcissistic. She kept changing the rules. She claimed she was the one and only. She threatened and accused. And it all revolved around HER. Push me, pull you. I can see why just that would make a person explode inside. Especially if those around you claimed it never happened, or called you crazy.

My heart goes out to those kids. And especially to Mark.

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