Plagiarism is not okay, but it’s fine if you’re a shrink (because they’re stupid)

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I have done ghost writing myself. Here’s how it works. You write. It’s very formulaic. You are paid less than minimum. You aren’t even told where your article will be published. You agree to allow the article to be published under someone else’s name. Because you are a piece of shit who can’t get hired right now so you got hired at the rip-off writer-for-hire website.

I’ve done a few pieces for Huff Post and a few for fashion mags but I never saw the articles actually. You end up feeling like you don’t give a shit because you hate the company that hires you soooo much. You need the money, the pennies they give you. You take it and you shut up, mainly because you need it and you don’t squeal. Many need it so badly it’s not worth it to say anything. I don’t work for them anymore. The pay was just too low. And actually, it’s only instant gratification money.

If I do volunteer, it’s a better shot at a real job that might pan out, even though it’s no pay for now. You gotta think long term. Volunteering is gratifying, it is giving to others. So I’m doing actual good in the world. Bye bye dishonest writer-for-hire. I got tired of feeling like a slave.

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  1. Reminds me of a sweat shop for the mentally disabled. After 15 hours of boring work I made $14. They argued it was okay because that way we could keep our disability checks.

    Carol Tice warns serious writers not to waste time with content mills. Bidding sites like Upwork are also overrated. Tice says you should only ghost write if they let you use the piece in your portfolio or offer some byline. Otherwise insist on double your usual rates. (Say 10 cents a word instead of 5.)

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