Violence is not a good thing, while anger is neither good nor bad

Violent acts are not good. i have been called violent before, wrongfully accused of being violent and dangerous and I can say it was a harmful and hurtful thing to do to me. something I’ll never forget. I don’t think it’s becoming to act in a violent manner and I don’t think it’s a productive form of activism. There are plenty of ways you can be an activist without being violent.

You can march in the streets. You can hold a sign. You can write letters. You can be a good citizen. You can show people that life is possible without harmful drugs and therapy. You can show people that life is possible after the hospital. You can be a great person sans diagnosis. You are a person without a diagnosis! You aren’t a disease anymore and you can show people that. None of these things are violent acts.

Anger is neither a good nor bad thing, since emotions on their own aren’t laden with morality. Anger is nothing but a feeling. What you do with it may be good or bad. Do something good and constructive with it, such as fueling your recovery, or walking away from a bad relationship, or quitting cigarettes for good since you’re fed up, or ditching your doctor!

Maybe you got so mad at your cell phone that you quit Verizon and went to the new guys who are offering the same service, half price! See, is that all that bad? Or you got pissed at your bank and took your money out and then…along came your sweetheart, so you bought her a ring. Ahh…. Do I hear wedding bells? You got mad at your boss and got a better job.

You don’t have to blow up a bridge. I don’t suggest that. It’s violent. It’s not productive unless it’s part of a movie set. Then you’ll make big bucks.

Anger isn’t good nor bad. It can even be fun. Throw a party. Make your own pizza and put it on the wall and then throw marshmallows at the pizza. Have fun. Please don’t eat that concoction. Toss it out. Thank you!

My theory of psychiatry and most of medicine (as posted on MIA the other day)

this is my theory of psychiatry and most of medicine:

1. The doctor and medical institution does whatever is in their best interest financially, including diagnosing the patient.
2. In the process, the goal is to maintain as many patients on the patient roster as possible, “keeping the numbers up” rather than curing inductees.
3. In the process, patients may be harmed by the procedures or “treatments.”
4. After medical harm, re-diagnosis to a more complex or more severe diagnosis, or add a diagnosis, and send patient to a higher level of “care” or more intensive or restrictive “care.” This may harm further. Repeat.
5. In the event of inevitable patient death, blame the patient’s condition, which you have already given to cover your ass.

Very scientific.

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Support this AWESOME GoFundMe!!!!

I think more brave people should do stuff like this….

Why? He’s being totally honest. He’s not selling something fake. He’s not promoting himself as some guru or anything like that. He’s telling it honestly and plainly. And with good humor and cheer. What an awesome message, very simple. Don’t fall for psychiatry!!! And with good intentions, to help his kid brother get free. I think that is TERRIFIC. Don’t you?

Bravo!!! And he is brave to do this, too…….

My opinion: Waltham fire…The questions they need to ask

Here is the link:

Clearly someone knows they have not installed the sprinklers. They are familiar with these wood frame structures. They know they go up, and go up fast. Who would stand to cash in?

Well? Who took out the insurance policy? Look no further. Hey, Waltham firefighters, you RISK YOUR LIVES, but someone is seriously cashing in on this. Look no further. As soon as I read about this, I KNEW. This fire was set deliberately, and someone is reaping the benefits.

Elderly people have been displaced. Think of those so terrified they won’t get over it for a long time. You risked your lives and that ain’t right.

Mark my words. I’ve known people who did this, by the way. People who burned their own homes down for the money. And deceit.

making money on social media….

I can’t even talk about it. This person I know made a fortune selling her body and pretty face to celebrities on social media. Well you got a pretty face just sell it to modeling companies.

I didn’t want to have to be pretty. I didn’t even want to marry and be forced to live off of a man’s money, because I thought that was the easy way out. I was 20 years old and scared that I couldn’t make enough as a music composer. Because who would hire a woman?

I am disgusted when I see this woman up there blathering total nonsense to these celebrities who should know better. And collecting tens of thousands for doing so. What is she doing? She is selling a pretty face and nice curves. Nothing else.

The rest of us are better off. Don’t sell your body. And don’t sell it to a doctor, or hospital, either. Don’t sell yourself to a false god. Be careful, these scams are lurking all over the place. I feel bad for the woman as she symbolized a good thing for a while for many of us, but got sucked up apparently. As many of us do.

Can you really think and grow rich?

I disagree with the Think and Grow Rich people. If you examine who, exactly, is making these types of statements, you’ll notice they themselves did not think and grow rich. They were rich to begin with. Or they got rich by ripping others off in pyramid schemes, or by sponging off their husbands or wives. Their diatribes on Thinking and Growing Rich is nothing but blaming the poor for poverty as an attitude problem, when you realize what they’re really saying. Because if we could all only manifest money, then poor folks only have a Bad Attitude, right?

Many of them become coaches, who in turn tell people they have an attitude problem. They help these people improve their attitude but it’s nothing but making people feel worse, since it’s finger-pointing in disguise. These unfortunate suckers hand over thousands to the coaches and do not get any richer, nor more successful. They might feel better, but are they any further along in life, have they progressed with their jobs, are they healthier, etc? No, but they progressed in the coaching itself. Because like therapy, coaching is a means to an end. Especially the attitude-touters.

The Think and Grow Rich people are bullshit. This is what they really do. They Think and Quickly Cover Their Asses. They Lie and lie again. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Because they aren’t so rich but they want to convince you they are so superhuman that they could manifest their own destiny, they are beyond the beyond. Yes truly filthy when you think of it.

I never told anyone

It would be pointless now. I never told anyone. The word for it would be narcissistic, but that does not matter now. It’s over now. I walked away and never went back.

I never understood how the other kids could just tell her off but I couldn’t get myself to do that. My words came out wrong. I’d say the things I didn’t quite mean. I wished I could just say what I meant like the other kids did. They’d say stuff plainly. I couldn’t.

One girl was headed off to Smith College. Kate said some pretty insulting stuff to her, I recall. I can’t recall what the insult was. Well Jackie was not going to take it. Not anymore. Jackie had sure put up with enough from Kate. So one day, we were walking, the three of us, and Kate had this stick with her. I can’t recall what precisely the interchange was. Jackie said she was going to break the stick. Kate said “If you break the stick, I’ll never speak to you again!”

My guess is that this was great temptation for Jackie, to see if Kate would follow through. I also think Jackie really wanted to end it with Kate, so she immediately broke the stick. It was a stupid regular stick, not some expensive Girl Scout stick, for god sakes.

So immediately, Kate went into a huff. She pouted! Forever! Said she would NEVER speak to Jackie again. And Jackie was the nicest girl. I felt sad because that meant I would not get to be Jackie’s friend, either. I felt very sad.

Well, Kate forbade me to speak with Jackie. She was very selfish and bossy. So I couldn’t be friends with her, either. All that went on for hours and it all centered around how pouty she was. That was my life for four years. Her.

That was what it was like to be “best friends” with a narcissistic girl. I hated every minute of it and could hardly wait to get away.

I’m only being honest. I mean, that’s how I felt all those years. I had to keep it to myself. I did. I kept it to myself, and kept it inside all that time. I hated being her slave and I couldn’t tell anyone how I really felt. Meanwhile, I showered her with fake compliments telling her how great she was.

Until I left. I was 17. I was so happy the day I went to college and got away from her. I didn’t tell anyone after that, either. And to be honest I was pretty much okay. I fended for myself alright in college and did stellar work. As for her, I don’t know.

More about Columbine and ABUSE

Apparently there was more to Columbine than the drugs. I KNEW it. Apparently one of the boys, or possibly both, had been raped by the Sheriff less than a year prior to the incident during some sort of arrest or apprehension. They’d gotten themselves into trouble an the Sheriff held them. Well that’s when it all happened. Apparently the boy’s dad had a notebook he kept that he withheld after the whole thing occurred. Because he didn’t want people to know. And there was some “arrangement” made.

They had been raped and they were pissed. Does this all make sense now? Yeah, it’s all coming together. They were pissed off, and they were going to let you all’s know. All of us. It was the big fuck you.

Apparently several of the other parents, parents of victims were not okay with the “arrangement” around this notebook. Apparently some of the kids’ notes were withheld, too. Someone is protecting this sheriff, too.

You can look it up if you want. His last name is Walsh. Sheriff Walsh. Look up Walsh/Columbine. You’ll find it and how they put Mark Taylor away. Mark and some of the other kids figured it all out. Don’t you think kids figure stuff out? Sure they do. They know before the adults do. Mark knew, Mark and the others. And they had to keep him quiet.

Hmm…so no one’s talking, eh?

I was abused by a therapist. My therapist was narcissistic. She kept changing the rules. She claimed she was the one and only. She threatened and accused. And it all revolved around HER. Push me, pull you. I can see why just that would make a person explode inside. Especially if those around you claimed it never happened, or called you crazy.

My heart goes out to those kids. And especially to Mark.


I was feeling humorous so I threw this into my book….

“While a remote area may seem romantic at first in terms of privacy, some find such out-of-the-way spots very difficult to live in. Most remote areas require a vehicle, and also, ability to maintain that vehicle and fend for oneself should it break down. What would you do if you were locked out in the dead of winter, or had a flat tire? While we would hope such things would not happen, be aware that in rural areas you must be prepared like anyone else who lives there. Your ex-therapist isn’t going to rescue you, and a PRN won’t fix a flat, but AAA (Triple-A) or a kind neighbor might just do the trick.”