I am so happy! My new glasses JUST ARRIVED. I put them on. They needed no adjustment. I can SEE! My left eye sees very well with these. My right eye could use a bit stronger lens, but it’s so close to perfect! I can see the computer screen, too. I can look around the room and see so many things now. I’m sooooo thrilled. The fit is PERFECT, too! Kid size….Well, I always was kinda teensy anyway….

My peripheral vision is better and everything is soooo much clearer now. They even included a wicked cool glasses case. Puzzle is still Puzzle-looking. But the edges around everything are sharper and clearer. This means I will lose things less frequently, too! Objects are less likely to “disappear.” Oh boy oh boy, insight is everything. I have not seen this well for years!  Hey, I see you, too……

2 thoughts on “Insight”

    1. Yeah I think the metaphor is soooooo cool, I’m gonna use it.

      Oh no, we MI are not able to think critically. We’re brain-deficient. Inferior…ha ha…..

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