Look through the job openings in mental health and you will see the reality……

I gotta laugh at the job announcements. I checked through some of the Renfrew ones. Renfrew is known to be the creme de la creme in eating disorders.

“Knowledge of eating disorders preferred.” Huh? Are you guys as shocked as I am over this? This is in all their ads. And haven’t we seen this ourselves? Hirees who know nothing about ED on the floors, totally inexperienced nurses, and even worse, doctors and social workers who don’t even understand the so-called “disorder” the patients have. This is Renfrew, which is considered top-of-the-line. The others are pretty bad that way, too.

A peer respite for ED makes so much more sense. All peers will be hired not based on “training” but based on their own lived experience. I am saddened that it is rare anywhere in MH that the true definition of “peer” is honored. Mostly, they hire if you have a driver’s license, car, and a cell phone! I am saddened over this and hope someday things change.

3 thoughts on “Look through the job openings in mental health and you will see the reality……”

  1. Oh yeah it’s very amusing! The clinical director where I live actually does treat me like a person, and I help him screen applicants. You should see some of the people we get wanting to apply. You literally only neeed a degree in human services, undergrad, to come in and be responsible for working with a caseload of 30, attending to all the MH neeeds of the three hundred or so residents along with the specific 30. plus runnning groups. Just wow.

    1. Of course. I’ve seen the job descriptions, too, for the ED centers. “knowledge of ED a plus.” Huh? a plus? I’ve seen these clueless characters who have a degree, read a textbook and now, get paid to sit there, supposedly to “cure” the helpless skinny kid who ended up locked up and only wants to get better.

    2. Oh yeah, I know, to be a state worker for CBFS in MA you need a cell phone and a car. I remember…….

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