Aryurvedic herbs rock, psych drugs pale by comparison

Ask any doc about Aryurvedic herbs and he/she will shrug and say nothing. Whether they are aware of these herbs or not, they should be. They “work” ten times better than any psych drug I ever took.

You want to sleep better? There are a host of herbs to try. Want quicker thinking, better memory, help with cognition? Yep, there are herbs for that, too. Want to feel wide awake in the morning, not groggy? How about gaining or losing weight, or adding some punch to your workout?

Do psych drugs do all that? Yes, but the price is heavy, folks. You might feel great for a couple of weeks, but slowly, your body is breaking down from the damages these drugs cause. Not only that, many of these drugs are next to impossible to get off of. (They refuse to admit “addicting,” or at least “habit-forming,” instead, they say, “withdrawal symptoms.” Oh please!)

All these drugs break down your body and make you sick. The antidepressants in particular cause nerve damage inside the brain and also POSSIBLY in similar fashion to the periperal nerves. This is why so many who took anti-d’s end up with “fibro.” All fibro means is that the doc can’t explain why you’re in pain, and wants to dismiss you with an incurable diagnosis.

How about getting of the pharm, for starters? But sometimes, you just can’t say that directly because people get offended and start to defend why they “need” the pharm. So I try to resist blurting out, “Okay, you’ll feel so much better if only you stop the damn drugs!” Some folks aren’t ready to hear that and insist all they need is a “better doctor.”

I hate to say it but won’t the “better doctor” just say the same thing? “I don’t know why you’re in pain, maybe it’s all in your head!” And onward with the drugs and games. If any doc was worth his salt he’d get a patient off drugs. Except that means losing a patient. Oops, no more sicko.

I’ve never heard of anyone addicted to Aryurvedic herbs. They are said to not be habit-forming BUT they are powerful so you have to be careful not to take too much. I wish doctors would just send patients to a knowledgeable herbalist. Doesn’t it say in the Oath that you’re supposed to admit when you don’t know? And send the patient to a qualified specialist? Yes it does.

It takes a certain amount of humility to say, “I don’t know.” It’s almost a learned skill. Just like saying you’re sorry, which by the way is the absolute bomb of a thing to say. Next time you screw up, say you’re sorry and watch the positive reaction. Hmm…There are indeed a few folks out there that truly need to learn this. Apologize. It’s not gonna diminish your expertise, nor squash your character. In fact, I think it shows a lot of strength to know one’s limitations and admit fault when appropriate.

I wish Tom Alkoff had told me flat out back in 1983,”I’m willing to take you on as a patient, but I definitely do not know what I am doing treating eating disorders.” Instead, he lied to me, lied to my parents, and had all of us wrapped around his little finger for a year till I figured out he was a HUMBUG who was grasping at straws.

Never mind. My overdose told him that, plain and clear. It would have been a more effective statement if they’d actually lost me. But…had that happened, I wouldn’t be here now to tell the story and the story of the next couple of decades that I was screwed by more ignorant doctors.

Ah, we go from one to the next, hoping “This one will be THE ONE.” But no, that isn’t a good approach. Going to them for The Answer will never work. Because it’s already there, inside you. Get rid of slavery to doctors and you will find it.

You are the one. You are the one who can help yourself. Empowerment doesn’t mean better doctors. Empowerment means MAKING YOUR OWN DECISIONS. You don’t need their permission to think, walk, talk, associate with whomever you want, spend money (even taking a gamble on a cure that may, or may not work) or traveling. You don’t need their permission to buy herbs and try any you want. Yes, you are free to choose, we all are, only the docs enslave us and boss us around like we don’t know a thing. Break free!!! Stop identifying yourself as “patient of doc so-and-so.” You are not. You are you.

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    1. Of course, so many people feel the same way, which is why I try to warn people. It is the least I can do. My hope is that in writing and telling my story people will see the truth sooner.

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