This is how the miracle pill works

One day, I was a patient on the Ward. The doc asked me how the pill was working. I told him it wasn’t working. He said, “Okay, we’ll try another.” He walked away, then, a few minutes later, came back. He said, “We’re trying a new pill, called ___.”

Dear reader, please fill in the blanks. It could have been anything. Psychiatry is, and was, a crapshoot. What he did was to go look up in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) various pictures of pills and various prices, doses, and availability and made a quick, random decision. This was no scientifically based, but based on which pill was easiest. Only he didn’t want to admit that.

Decades later, here I was, picking out an #Aryurvedic remedy on the Internet. Yep, much like the good ole PDR, the Internet serves as our Crapshoot, only YOU DECIDE. The medium is more direct. And YOU PAY. No more taxpayer bullshit. Do you realize that Aryurvedic remedies cost very very little? Who is pocketing? Some poor Indian guy.

You have many to choose from. Is it risky? Yeah, but Pharma was far worse.

I took the crapshoot route about two or three weeks ago, and IT SAVED MY LIFE. I now take Serpina, which has SUCCESSFULLY ENDED THE WORST EVER INSOMNIA I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. COLD. I now sleep eight hours a night. I am no longer exhausted and I have my life back because of an inexpensive herb that isn’t patented and can be purchased from a number of compounders.

Do you want someone else, some shrink, to do a crapshoot and charge your insurance, claiming he’s a doctor, or why don’t you do your own crapshoot? Seriously! These psychiatrists do NOT know what they are doing.

So back then, the doc gave me the pill, more crapshoot, and maybe it “worked,” (for what? I didn’t have “bipolar”!) and maybe it did nothing, but if it worked as a diet pill I probably told him I “liked it” and stayed on it. Jeez, so much for the crapshoot.

Do you want that, or do want control over your life and control over what goes into your body? I vote for staying away from chemicals in the first place, avoiding them, staying away from pushy doctors who claim they know better and don’t.

However, if you goofed, like I did, and took their drugs and got damaged from them, TRY these aryurvedic remedies. Try AnYTHING amd just listen to your body! Don’t give up hope please. Just don’t give up. I was so exhausted and I really felt that my doctors had so seriously harmed me and that my life was down the tubes, but now my whole life turned around very quickly.

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