Cold Turkey, defined

I am stopping my “med.” I am hereby proclaiming myself “going off med.” According to the Withdrawal Scare Tactics Community, I am doing a TERRIBLE NO NO. According to them, anything but a painful crawl is


Sorry, This is in the eye of the beholder. Period. It’s my body and I do whatever the fuck I want.

No doc, no problemo!

What do you all’s think? That I’ll go on a shooting rampage just because I am stopping a pharmaceutical slower than the Scare Tactics Community recommends?

Surviving Antidepressants forum does NOT run my life. I don’t even post there. Ever. I run my life. Nyah nyah. I’ll probably “shoot the bull” with Puzzle later on. That means “talk to Puzzle” for those of you who aren’t familiar with USA expressions.

My main concern, no, my ONLY concern, is sleep. Lots of it. Plenty of it. All night of it. Thanks to my pal in India who compounds Serpina, I’m very very happy. And no, he doesn’t know just how thrilled I am. Please do not bombard me with Dangers of Serpina talk tonight. Hundreds of compounders supply it.

As for Big Pharma, it will be off my roster shortly.

Here is what Cold Turkey is, defined. If you have an eating disorder and you are eating turkey cold right now, I fear for you. If you needed it THAT BADLY that you didn’t even wait to cook it, this is a serious problem. No, they didn’t even talk about this in so-called “treatment” but yes, it’s a problem and it can happen.

I actually did that once. Many years ago when I still had ED. I put a chicken in the oven, but the urge to binge on it superceded my patience. So I ate it before it was fully cooked. Yes it was gross. That was…COLD CHICKEN.

My advice is that this sort of COLD CHICKEN or COLD TURKEY should NEVER be done. I think it’s a serious issue and let’s talk about it if you are suffering from this, okay? Other than that, Dear Scare Tactics forum people, please go whine elsewhere.

Ah, I think I need to hit the sack shortly……It has been a long day.


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