They tell me I am losing my vision, yet I see EVERYTHING so clearly now

They tell me I am losing my vision, yet I see everything so clearly now.
I see better because I don’t need so many THINGS. I have tossed off the world. I am enjoying a good laugh.
The doctor asked me if I could see television.
I laughed. “Doc, I have not watched TV in decades. How about you? All those stations? I don’t need channeling. Why don’t YOU see a psychic!” (or is that word psychiatrist? Did I mispronounce?)

The doc asked me to stop driving. “But doc, what are you referring to? Driving a car? I don’t own one, nor I have I driven one for decades. I am happily car-free, how about you! As to driving others crazy, I don’t need eyesight to do that.”

The doc ran away. Fast. I am still laughing, watching his butt wiggle back and forth, just like my dog’s does when she gets a little uppity.



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