We couldn’t silence the inmates, so we decided to induce suicide by psychological bullying

The inmates would not be silenced. For sure, they took us by surprise when they took to the Internet. We didn’t expect that (said #DavidBrendel et al in a paper) because actually, the shrinks think our brains are soooo defective they thought we were NOT CAPABLE of using computers.

However, let me ask: From what pool, that is, from what population of humans did they take their specimens?

They took from the colleges, from the U’s, from the highest U’s, from the top of the class, from the best, even the Valedictorians were not spared. They called them PERFECTIONISTS and labeled them, too. MENTALLY DEFECTIVE. Why? Dumb them down immediately! Did you all forget? What happened? Did their brains seep back in? Looks like that is what happened here, folks…..

Some can even type. Fast. So we hear. We tried to convince them computers were of little use to them. However, as soon as cell phones came out, the smart phone variety, the little things caught on like wildfire and the patient population all got linked in. Uh oh! They got informed! They learned that the drugs are harmful, that MENTAL ILLNESS is MOSTLY DRUG-INDUCED, that most of THERAPY is Brainwashing, and that mostly…

You all’s patients didn’t need to be on DISABILITY for LIFE like you have been! You didn’t! You been RIPPED OFF!! And these whistleblower patients won’t SHUT UP!

What to do? Outright kill them? No, that won’t work. But here’s a plan. Induced suicide. If they won’t take the drugs willingly how about inducing suicide via bullying? This could very well work. Bullying, either covert, illegally via anonymous online bullies (hir ’em, of course) or by abusing while inpatient, WILL work. All we gotta do is get these whistleblowers into a hospital. Then, ABUSE like mad.

We need to do this to silence the BIG MOUTHS. The ones who won’t stop talking. This is in OUR BEST INTEREST. Shut them up. Kill them by getting them to do themselves in. Perfect. Ah, it’ll look like their illnesses finally came back. It’ll look like the ole “relapse” again. Perfect.

Of course, it’s been done before, thought up before, and we even tried it before. It didn’t work, did it? Maybe trying it again won’t be such a good idea, will it? Maybe it’ll even look MORE obvious next time…….

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