Six years in bed. And so, the shrinks said….

Shrink #1 assumed the six years of time spent in bed was an exaggeration.

Shrink #2 assumed the six years of time spent in bed was a representation of med-seeking.

Shrink #3 had heard this line before. He asked about her “other symptoms.”

Shrink #4 disregarded her completely and asked her husband.

Shrink #5 just read her chart and let her keep chattering.

Shrink #6 did not read her chart as he had left his reading glasses at home. What is the use of reading if you are that type of doctor, anyway?

Shrink #7 ignored her. The patient seemed incompetent from the start.

Shrink #8 assumed she was stretching it a bit. Must have been six days. Just like the Six Day War in the Middle East that still isn’t over.

Shrink #9 assumed it’s Malingering.

Shrink #10 wondered about her Facebook fans, then, realized they were waiting out in the waiting room. He wrote, “They are sicker than she is, sadly.”

Shrink #11 wrote, “So you claim this is an illness, eh?”

Shrink #10 said, “Hey, Monica, this would make a great blog, just so long as you stay sick another few years.”

Disclaimer: I know, I was there, too. Being sick does bring in the fans.

2 thoughts on “Six years in bed. And so, the shrinks said….”

    1. Well it certainly did get her those few PERKS didn’t it……The fan club and all that were lapping it up….I know how that works. The prize-winning blog, please donate MONEY, the fan club, the groupies, the bleeding hearts, the husband that was supporting her, too. And without them, she WOULD NOT HAVE SPENT six years in bed.

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