deliberate induced insanity done to people who are inconvenient

Insanity can be induced in people who are inconvenient, especially in those whose sanity has been doubted in the past, or whose sanity might be easily questioned by self or by his/her community. Artists are good prey, as are the elder population (“Are you sure you might be getting a little old?”). Often older people are seen as “tired” or “working too hard” and suggestions are made to see a psychiatrist. Women can easily be swayed, “It must be your period,” or “Maybe it’s the change.” And so on.

Here is the time to gaslight. “But my Dear, there wasn’t a car there. Maybe you need new glasses! There really wasn’t. Darling, I know you’ve been tired lately, and under stress. Here, I’ll give you a hug…” (Oh, the perfect enabler….)”I’ll let you spend the day in bed.” And another day. And another. Then, he drives her to the nuthouse. “There’s certainly no shame in it.” The bed has been waiting for her. Of course. He tells her to take her time, because this is her time to heal. Oh yeah.

But I’m talking about psychiatric gaslighting done deliberately to CAUSE insanity. Why? Some people are just plain INCONVENIENT. Let’s take the patient who simply

WILL NOT SHUT UP. Yeah, the patient who keeps on talking about abuse. What do you do about such patients who keep on talking? How do you silence them?

Make them go crazy. Drive them so nutso that they end up doing a postal. Of course!

“Well we tried to help.”


Here’s how. Anonymous hired online bullies. Have the patient in earnest try to get help, but ensure that when the patient fires the “help” (due to incompetence or failure to show up) the patient is told “That is not possible.” Tell the patient that the patient is invariably PARANOID if she tries to report that a Mental Health Practitioner asked her out on a date. Tell her “That’s not possible” even though you know it IS possible.

In doing so, you know darned well what you are doing is completely unethical. You’re discrediting the patient by not believing her, since undoubtedly what the patient said not at all unreasonable, by all means not an indication of paranoia! There are such jerks out there. Furthermore, YOU had the responsiblity to TAKE ACTION as a mandatory reporter and YOU DID NOT. Legally, what you did, ignoring your own patient of 12 years was against the law. But since following the mandatory reporter laws was secondary to getting rid of the patient ASAP, it was best to gaslight as much as possible, and hope the patient caved.

She didn’t. Shit. When you found out she ended up in a hospital, and not only that, they SAVED her, you were livid. OH MY GOD, she’s still alive.


I believe the conversation on August 13, 2013 went as follows:

“Hi, Bibek Kiorala, of Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts this is Kim Pearson, of the Wang 815 Clinic at MGH. I understand you have my former patient there, Ms. G. You do not realize the trouble she has given us since she refuses to be silent. We made a mistake at Massachusetts General Hospital two years ago. We deprived her of water and we should not have. Now she won’t be silent about it, and we can’t seem to cover it up, so at this point, our only choice is to get her into State since the statute of limitations has not yet passed and she could initiate a lawsuit. Abuse her as badly as possible. Make sure she is on 1:1, just say she’s suicidal no matter what she says. She is a whistleblower and you have to silence her any way possible. Try for a transfer and try to get a section put on retroactively to her admission. And don’t inform her that she coded, she’ll make a stink of it. Thanks.”

To anyone out there who wonders why psych survivors occasionally go off their rockers: I believe insanity can be induced. In fact, we’ve known this for centuries anyway. Can’t a woman drive a man crazy, and isn’t that in every love poem out there? And vice-versa? And doesn’t every lesbian love poem say “You drive me crazy? Of course. And half the rock songs out there. But seriously…We know it can be induced rather deliberately by very mean people, called gaslighting, when they really want to see us go nutso, and if you’re wondering why your pal has gone nutso, look nowhere but the shrink institutions. I think they want to make US look bad, or, they want to make a person who has been very vocal and active look extremely bad. They aim to embarrass us, and make us look totally incompetent. That is how they want to pull the rug out from under us.

But it will NOT work. Why? Because there very well may be no rug, you alls. See you later.

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