If photo ID is required, why should economics and ability be a factor?

I am surprised that now, “Photo ID” is required by law, yet to obtain one is not only costly, but requires certain skills and abilities that many do not have.

I don’t understand why a passport should cost over $100. I think only the photographer should be paid a photographer’s fee (since artists should make some money, eh?) and pay for postage to mail the application, and any cost of duplicating forms and secretaries’ fee. That should not total over $100. Imagine getting passports for your entire family!

Now when it comes to driver’s licenses, this should not be tied to one’s ID requirement. Since when does “ability to drive” mean one is a valid citizen? Many elders do not drive, but certainly have much money to spend! Do we leave them out of the financial pool simply because they are getting around by chauffeur and cannot produce a valid driver’s license as ID?

Why not have a separate “Citizen Card or Resident Card”? In Uruguay this is called a “Cedula.” Everyone has one who lives there. It’s like a Green Card. If you are an immigrant, you can apply for one after you’ve been a resident for a while. It’s not the same as being a citizen, but you are entitled to certain things if you have this card. This is separate from driving altogether. I don’t think driving or not driving should be a factor.

Many people live in cities and have no use for vehicles. They enjoy subways and buses, and never give a thought to learning to drive. Some people do not see well. Some are very good with bicycles or other means of getting around.

Did you know that owning a car will cost you $5,000 a year? That does not include the gas you use. Just owning it and paying insurance and upkeep will cost you that much. I highly doubt that riding a bus, walking, or riding a bicycle will cost that much. However, you won’t have a picture ID called a Driver’s License. I think this is discriminatory.

If a person has an ID and it’s not a license but a state-issued ID that says all over it “not a license,” sadly, in SOME locales, you get odd looks. You get asked questions, or assumed you are an alcoholic. This happened to me a few times. I was assumed to be “retarded” once, assumed to be “alcoholic” several times, assumed to be “disabled” many times. I found it demeaning to have to use this ID.

Finally I ended up telling people “I chose not to drive for moral reasons.” Only I hate being judged so much that I have to give anyone these lines. This is actually the truth. I didn’t like driving. It really was for moral reasons. I did not like driving a hunk of metal around. Some may call  it “freedom,” but for me, it seemed like a violent thing to do.

I can’t believe “photo ID” is required, but people have to pay, and not only that, pass a driver’s test AND a vision test. This is insanity.

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