Sciatic nerve injury as cause of severe headache (and it’s getting better, too)

I am so glad I left the ER far behind because they only would have continued to give me painkillers. They would have assumed I was “med seeking.” Geez, the last thing I wanted was pills. I wanted to know why. So they told me, “It’s nothing.” Hey, it wasn’t “nothing.” What total assholes. I told them, over and over, “I normally do not get headaches” and I meant that.

Obviously, they were totally wrong. They interrupted me, and disregarded my opinions. They discussed me behind my back like I was a “case.” I am not a thing.

So after I got home, I noticed something. They never would have found this. When I picked up Puzzle’s poops, I noticed pain. Very bad pain! Then, I dropped something in the bathroom. Again, searing pain…in my head. Yep, that ole headache came right back! Not only that, I had this odd pain under my butt. Now how weird is that? Not where I banged it, but under it.

Usually, sciatic nerve pain happens to people with desk jobs. Folks like psychiatrists! However, mine came right after I got banged up from the seizure. Again, I banged my elbow, my hip (apparently in several places on the right side) and also, at least twice VERY HARD on my head, which apparently didn’t do serious harm except gash my scalp in a nasty-looking way. Honestly, I think I need it checked again, but we’ll see. All I know is I can’t see it, THEY didn’t examine it, and it’s still super tender. However, that very odd butt pain started right after the seizure. And now, the headache pain, along with ringing in the ears starts up when I bend a certain way.

However, the good news is that as soon as I became aware, and told myself, “Hey, don’t bend like that!” I stopped for the entire day. Really! After that, I didn’t get a bad headache, only a little one to “remind” me when I was a bad girl and bent a little bit wrong. Or stood funny, Standing can be odd at times….

Walking feels fine, especially a brisk walk when the weather is super nice. Probably running is going to feel great. I might try an exercise bike even though I do not like them, but I fear it might HURT. We’ll see.

I looked up online for suggestions for sleep positions. One site (for the record) suggested a bath prior to bedtime, and also, sleeping on your back with the KNEES elevated. That might even work! I think, though, I’ll let Puzzle decide on that. Her judgement is very good. Actually, when it comes to sleeping, I let her be boss because she runs the roost round here. Except I would NEVER admit that while I am awake…..

Suggestion for binge eaters: Hemp seed oil is JUST AS GOOD as Pine nut oil!

Dear binge eating sufferers, if you have had good results using Pine Nut Oil in the past, Look no further than Hemp Seed Oil which is a now a common grocery product you can buy with food stamps! Stop worrying about the cost or poor quality pine nut products! I have run across crap products in the past you don’t want to touch…PLEASE! I think you can trust what’s in the supermarket a little more than ebay whatever. Buy organic for starters.

Why does Hemp Seed Oil work? Because what you need to do is to SUPPRESS appetite prior to eating your meal. You don’t need to do this except prior to a scary meal like dinner, if after dinner you tend to binge.

A lot of people claim to “fill up on salad first.” This is an okay strategy but also, suppress your appetite with fat. Good fat. Hemp seed oil contain linoleic acid. So does pine nut oil, but why pay a fortune? Hemp oil  works! I’d suggest 1/2 teaspoon only. Yep, only that. Wait a bit, then, eat. Or if you are tall or big, a full teaspoon. Certainly no more. Later, you’ll find you need less, not more.

After opening the bottle, refrigerate it. Yes it tastes weird. And it’s greenish. But it’s “good for you,” unlike Vyvanse, which is addicting, alters your brain, maybe causes all kinds of damages we don’t even know about yet. If you insist on speed, drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Just a cup and enjoy it.

You can also use hemp seed oil in your hair! And on your doggie’s coat to get tangles out, just don’t overdo it or your doggie will end up with the greasy look.

How do you define financial poverty?

In my opinion, “low income” does not properly define poverty. It only defines a part of poverty, and might be totally missing the boat.

For instance, most retirees are “low income” but often have large “nest eggs” they’re living off of. What about children who earn NOTHING at all except maybe money from a paper route? (Wait, they’ve stopped the papers, haven’t they? Okay, money from selling Ritalin…..)

What about college students? College students come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some work while studying, some do not. They eat up their parents’ money. Are they VERY low income, then?

What about divorcees? Some are living off of the divorce money, and that may, or may not be reported as “income.” Some may receive child support.

You earn nothing if you’re between jobs. Does this mean you’re very low income? Super impoverished? Maybe, maybe not.

So all this stems from a conversation I just had with a business person whose “ser vices” were overpriced. I pointed this out to her, saying that other competing businesses offered far more, for much less. Here’s the breakdown.

Business A – Unlimited, sliding scale for as low as $10.
Business B – Unlimited, for $45.
Business C – Unlimited, for $125.

All of these offer 24/7, that is, weekends, evenings, etc. Same fixin’s, but as you can guess, the $125 is fancy, more slick, but I must say, not any more of a bargain overall.

Now here’s what the lady I spoke to offers. Let’s call her Snob Business.

50 gives you once a week, only 9 to 5.
$125 gives you 12 days per month, 9 to 5.
$250 gives you unlimited. The same thing you get for $45 at Business B, by the way. Same thing.

Snob business also offers a $50 per month deal, but guess what that gives you? 2 days per month, 9 to 5 only!!! And they have seminars, but you pay! No other frills.

Not only that, but get this, Snob Business makes people pay a security deposit.

So in my conversation, I said to Snob Lady (having twice visited, and…seeing the place totally VACANT…), Can I just point out…that I know you might want to increase your membership, right? Maybe you should lower your prices. Who is it that you are offering this to? Are you aware that where we live here people are not wealthy?”

So get this: She then said, “We are ending this conversation immediately.”

So I said, “When you said, ‘We offer our space to everyone,’ I want to know who everyone is.”

She stated, “I am confident in my business model.”

Folks, if you ever want a conversation-ender, say, “I am confident in my business model.” It’s total bullshit. I was well aware that her business is a non-business and they have very few takers. Why should they? Anyone who has any awareness is not gonna fall for this total scam. Not only that, I see she has only a Facebook page. Well, anyone can get their pals to write commentary on a Facebook page, duh. Who even knows if they’re even customers. I can’t believe the commentary, by the way. It’s her pals that wrote that….But I’m saying nada.

Anyway, they are clearly barely in business. Over-pricing is NOT COOL.

So get this: She said to me, “By the way, 80% of our membership is low income.”

Of course they are! They’re entrepreneurs! ALL entrepreneurs are low-income living off of spouses’ income, for the most part, duh!

Over-pricing is a human rights violation. Seminars? They probably hardly ever have them……..

Letter to Bank X

My other letter did not even go through. My guess is that the system logged me out before it “sent.” Does that happen to you guys, too? Here’s the note that actually sent….

Dear Customer Service,

Please let go of my payment. I’d like you to know I had a large vet bill that affected my credit score. I care about my dog so I had to max out three other credit cards to pay for the bill. I did not use the [bank x] card for this at that time, as I save this for other purchases. It was EMBARRASSING.

Secondly, I had a seizure last week that caused short-term memory loss. This resulted in a banking error involving a payment to [Bank X] using my [Bank Y] checking account. The payment was correct, however, I failed to change the date to a future date. I attributed the failure to change the date to my vision impairment, but now, I realize that I generally do not make these errors. I went back and saw that the [Bank X] website is really well done, and the error was due to TEMPORARY short-term memory loss resulting from the seizure.

I have had to go to an emergency room yesterday due to extreme headache pain. I was told that the seizure would not occur again. I did not have a concussion either, nor any permanent damage and they said I can resume running again in a couple of weeks.

Do you understand that in general, retirees are not irresponsible? Retirees are known to be less impulsive than their younger counterparts. The error occurred because of an exceptional situation, a dog requiring surgery, and an uncommon medical situation. Again, I have been assured that this will not reoccur.

In addition, I am well aware that when you “€œhold”€ this payment, it is only worsening my credit score. To be honest, I feel that it is only further punishing me for something that was not my fault to begin with.

I didn’t think banks did that. I thought banks encouraged people to flourish financially in their retirement years, not suffer like this.


 I have made THREE PAYMENTS and they’re all being held. Another bank is doing likewise. All due to a credit score drop. This all started with the insane vet bill. I found a less expensive vet. I didn’t know about the other one, but amazingly, I just found out. At random. I am going to ask someone who takes their dog to this vet about them first, then make a decision.


As in the previous post….I mentioned that I was NOT examined. This doubly true… in…..

I went there stating I had hit my head. Well, did they EXAMINE my head? NO! They gave me a CAT scan but did not palpate the head injury, nor even LOOK at the bump on my head (which, by the way, is gross, and under my hair, two of them!) and not only that, they didn’t give a fuck!

When I told them, “I am mostly concerned about the head injury,” guess what the response was?

“So let’s hear about your HIP injury?”

You’d think, if they had heard me wrong, they’d examine my hip, right? NO! No examination of any of the bruises. I told them that I had hit near my elbow, hit my hip, and hit my head, hard, even though, thankfully, I have a kinda soft floor. Wow am I ever grateful for this BUDGET floor!

Thank you, God. I would have ended up with a concussion…or worse…had it been a stone or tile floor, never mind all the broken dishes by now. Because occasionally I drop stuff.

Atheists who are “triggered” by the mention of God, GROW UP and live with it!. Do I believe in God? I believe not in a literal God, but a figurative one. God is all in my head, okay? Go screw if you’re highly offended and x out this blog. I don’t push the notion on others. I do not believe in pushing meditation, yoga, prayer, pills, shock, or anything else on others. I believe in sharing experience, hope, and information so we can all make decent decisions about what to do with this mess we’ve ended up in. Is that God. Maybe.

Okay,  back to the subject….No exam. Nada. Now do you believe me? These folks wanted to ADMIT. I think their “numbers” were down. That ER was EMPTY. So? Admit no matter what! Some senior that THEY think has nothing better to do. I told them NO WAY as soon as I noted they were incompetent. They “promised” otherwise but I was totally scared as soon as they started “promising.” Promises do not mean anything to me, in fact, it’s a bad sign!

Anyway, i have an appointment today and I actually feel up to going! I feel decent and the headache is gone, interestingly. That’s right, gone! I feel less woozy, too.

I am making an appointment with this naturopath and I am sooo excited. I really do not feel that this person is going to be a haughty know-it-all asshole, so I’m not scared to see him. Not at all, because actually I know him as a human being first, second as a doctor. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Medical incompetence EYE OPENER

Dear Friends,

Because I took the drug called Lithium for 12 years between 1984 and 1996, I have kidney disease now. This is a common consequence of taking the drug, no matter how well your doctor monitors it. Also, even if you have been off of it for ages, your kidneys can start to fail DECADES LATER. Best of luck to those of you who were coerced into taking it decades ago, since you’ll reap the consequences of it when you get older.

I had to go to an ER. They wanted to admit me but I refused, for the following reasons.

They wanted me admitted for kidney disease. However, They had NO EXPLANATION for the seizure. They didn’t seem to care what my “baseline” was beyond “kidney baseline” and if “kidney baseline” was really low, they weren’t going to do anything except let me die! Yep!

They had no explanation for the headache but they did do a CAT scan and gave me IV Benadryl and IV Reglan which did nothing for the headache. Then they handed me a pill, called Demeral. That worked. The headache came back on the bus. I tried one of Puzzle’s Tramadols which had minimal effect. I have only take Tylenol, but I really do not want to take ANY NSAIDs, only Turmeric.

They acted like I am a worthless old hag from the  moment I got there until the moment I left.

I tried to tell them that the “loopiness” was NOT my baseline. THEY DIDN’T CARE!!!! HUH? What?

Dear Nurse, if you felt like that, all confused, and HAD TO WORK, you would not be able to, If your short-term memory was fucking shot, you would call in to work SICK. So I think ya’lls should have been concerned, no? The ambulance guys were, and said it was from the seizure!

So the PA told me they had discussed my “case” in detail. I told her I had not been present. She said, “Oh I and the other doctor did, based on your ophthalmology records.” Really? Did the ophthalmoloogist even examine me? NO!

Back LAST AUGUST, nearly a year ago, students interviewed me, three of them, then they HUNTED AROUND, and couldn’t find the cataracts. Then, the doc came in, shined a light in my eyes, and then, suggested contacts. He went on and on about how wonderful they were. For a price! I told him I was not willing to take the risk. Then he shined the light in my eyes again and after a few seconds his own eyes lit up and he said, YOU HAVE CATARACTS. He seemed overjoyed and all the damn promises. Next thing you know, the secretary was scheduling me against my will for surgery, which I had to cancel, explaining that I had not willingly wanted this, I wanted to “think about it.” I then insisted on a glasses prescription. Doctor #2, the retina specialist, told me “You need a second opinion for sure! Don’t go back to him!”

So based on all that, NOW, these PA’s claimed they “knew all about me”? I don’t think so. Do they know what I did for a career? Do they know what I do in my daily life? Apparently not. They eye-rolled when I said “I am a runner.” Guess the assholes assumed I was “psychotic.” Because I was barely able to walk in the ER.

So just prior to leaving, since I said I was leaving AMA, the nurse hastily said she was going to “examine” me. Know why? Because suddenly they panicked. They realized they hadn’t examined me the entire time! So LISTEN. My guess is that their plan was to take whatever she got from the exam, and insert it as “admitting info.” However, I wouldn’t allow her to do the exam! I left!

So get this: They were TRYING to admit me based on NO EXAM. They did not know me, and didn’t examine me. The CAT scan was normal. The blood/urine was inconclusive. The doc was trying to avoid telling me the blood levels, but ALSO trying to ask me about “baseline” blood levels at the same time. So she was fishing for info from me and refusing to tell me their info first.  That’s bad business practice. You tell me first, then, LET ME DECIDE. It’s my life!

So apparently they’d “discussed” me already. I wasn’t present. No, they hadn’t. Based on what? They know nada. They didn’t ask! No exam, no questions, what bullshit.

I’m okay now. What I love about HOME is that I am totally safe here. I think the extreme pain from the headache is what is causing the confusion and loopiness. I really do think I need some painkillers. I so rarely take anything like that. I dislike painkillers on the whole.  I’m going to look into what I can do for that. Ahem, but I’m going to be VERY careful. No more boo-boos such as seizures.

Obviously, they didn’t know their asses from their elbows if they’re gonna act all dismissive, uncaring, like I’m a cash cow, and admit me no matter what without an exam. I am best off here with Puzzle.

Okay, my LLCAL buddies don’t care enough to call, so I gotta do this myself

I have given my phone number to several people, no call. Maybe my phone isn’t working? But no email saying so. Except for my non-local buddies, who have emailed repeatedly asking if I am okay. I gotta do this myself. I gotta get myself to “help” because I think I got a concussion when I hit my head.

When I say, “No one stops by,” I mean it. Well, it was worse in fucking watertown. Ten times worse.

Now, local friends are too self-absorbed. They think their “breakups” are the end of the world. Well, they are. To them. Listen, I could have a stroke…But upstairs, they fight all the time and do not care. They’re racist and homophobic next door and do not like me. They sit up front and gossip. They don’t speak to me diagonally from here. The church people do. The crossing lady certainly is nice. Where can I go? Who will speak to me at least? Where can I appeal to? Maybe at a store? The Estacion de gas, no, they’re not nice. The bank? No. Hmm….. There must be somewhere I can go and just say, “Hey, I’m sick.My head hurts and I need help.” Maybe the police. They come by here to check for one-way violators daily. Fucking friends don’t care. I have given them my phone number HOW MANY TIMES? Not even an email……

Why SOMETIMES bounceback snobbiness bugs me…..

This blog entry is inspired by a conversation I had with a friend of mine. I’m actually writing it in Scrivener, and then, copying and pasting since I find doing so much easier.
Firefox seems to have an unavoidable “keyboard lag” that I cannot get rid of. For those of us who actually WRITE, this is totally annoying! I cannot time the lag, but it’s not due to a bluetooth keyboard. This is my actual laptop keyboard. So using Scrivener I can enlarge the font, use my reverse-colors, and also do just about anything, including doing my automatic caps, but not annoying autocorrect such as fixing words such as “antipsychiatry” to something terribly hideous (god knows what!). Restarting will get rid of the lag, but then, alas, it returns….
So back to the conversation. As I was saying, my friend said, “You just don’t like Person X. And that’s why. You don’t understand. Person X gets a hundred emails a day off of her website.”
This is nothing against the particular friend I was having the conversation with. And really, I DO ANSWER email!
Now I get maybe 50 emails a day. I’d say 20 are from places like CVS which I totally ignore. And maybe 10 are from places like causes dot com which mostly I ignore. And also the various politics…ugh. Do I write back. NO! How many are from real friends? Several.
Now Person X has a much more visible website, seeing as this person is more “visible” in the Movement. My website is not on Google at the moment. When it was, I was contacted frequently. I am still now, but not daily. This is because I am both hidden from Google et al, and also not on Facebook and Twitter. I also have not published in MIA recently, though recently I have published. I have just not made it public. Not even here. Sorry! Also, I kept a few of my accomplishments to myself and didn’t mention them here. I’m sorry but I have to keep my stuff to myself. Like my career.
Anyway, Person X also has a personal life I am sure. And didn’t want to be friends with everyone on the planet. Only certain people, see. So this is how she did it.
She decided to make it clear via a “bounceback” that she’d be happy to be “Facebook friends” with anyone, but actually, she won’t write back. She’s too much of a SNOB. Well, that’s my fucking opinion.
Because I happen to know she DOES write back. When there’s money to be made. She did respond to my friend. But when I write, there’s no money in it, so she never ever writes back. She knows she won’t be able to make a penny from me, so she never writes to me. I guess she saw some dollar signs in my poor friend, and wrote back. Then, the bill showed up. I don’t know this for sure, but I’ll bet that’s what happened.
In other words, the bounceback is for those of us too poor. Those rich enough to pay get an email.
For those of us PEONS, well, we’re just not good enough. In fact, Person X doesn’t want us in her life. She doesn’t want to deal with us one to one, so she only has us around when her other pals are witnesses. Because we aren’t considered “safe.”
See, snobs are like that. They make you Facebook friends because they only want you around when their OTHER friends can witness. Because they think you’re a mental case and they’re truly scared of you and don’t want to admit it.
Furthermore, PEONS are not going to write to Person X repeatedly. As soon as they get the bounceback, they’re going to give up. They may even be grossly offended, as I am at this point. So my guess is that Person X does NOT get 100 PERSONAL emails off her website per day. NO WAY. My guess is that she gets very few. Since word gets around…. “Hey, she sends a bounceback and actually doesn’t even answer her email.” It might actually say… “Contact me via Facebook and I’m a wicked snob anyway!” Oh, unless you’re….you know….one of them…” Whatever that is. I dunno what they judge people by. Wealth? Good looks? I am clueless. Probably fame and fortune….Ah, capitalism at its finest, folks. Just hit the reply button and we’re in business……..
So much for the conversation. I’m sitting here drinking hops tea and trying to get my act together. See you later.

He found out that his sister had had a seizure, so very quickly, knowing her condition was transient, he rapidly acted…..

He knew he had to act quickly, and soon. He knew his sister’s condition would not remain this way for long. He knew he had his chance, now, to declare her “incompetent.” The attorney wanted her money, and the judge was ready to bargain.

They located the sister’s whereabouts. Quickly, they acted. They contacted her and got her to agree. She certainly seemed “loopy.” But this was temporary, a stroke of luck, from the seizure.  They got her to agree to meet with them. She agreed. They paid for a ticket, telling her she “needed medical care in the States” and they claimed they had a “doctor.”

At the airport, they were waiting. The brother, the crooked judge, and the crooked attorney. They had the money all settled then. And the papers they were coercing her to sign. Then, of course, after that, she would be taken away.

To a “home.” Where they would “keep” her. She would not be kept very well there, I’m sure. If at all.

Bye bye.

Don’t worry, this is fiction………….I’m okay.