Recommended Firefox add-on “Disable Ctrl Q”

Were you using Firefox the other day, as I was, and suddenly, the entire browser disappeared?

No, you’re not having a “senior moment.” Frankly I think such remarks such regarding the “senior moment” and “you must be getting old” are a gross insult to real seniors and should be struck from the language right now!

Most likely, you typed Ctrl Q. This is too easy to do! Did you really intend to type a capital letter Q instead, and by accident, pressed the CTRL button? Has your browser been doing disappearing acts lately every time you begin a sentence with the letter Q? Quite likely, yes.

No, it isn’t hiding inside the piano next to the Afikoman. It isn’t hiding in the cupboard with the cookies. Your Firefox browser is supposed to “kill on demand” whenever you type in CTRL+Q because developers thought people liked that. WE DO NOT!

Please download the handy disable extension. Dear Extension Developer, you got a fan right here…….

I don’t like being told I’m getting old. See here, all you kiddies…Play ball!

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