I feel happy and calm, and the minimalist lifestyle is the way I like to go!

Ah, I am enjoying my dinner and it is delicious! I can’t believe how litte money I have spent these days, and I don’t seem to be lacking for anything at all.

I don’t miss the 87 channels (of what?). Do you have antennae? Last I checked, mine were on my head, sticking up in the air I think, but they broke off and I have not replaced them. I don’t think as a human being I really need a set of those, do you? Only on Halloween.

My fridge broke, so I have a new one. A mini one. I think you all’s call this type a “dorm fridge.” On the piece of papel that came with it (very brief instructions I must say) I note that it uses up, in USD if I translate exchange rate okay, something like $20 per year. This means 1/6 of what my old one (landlord-supplied) was using. I pay for electric so that means I SAVE. My old fridge will be used as shelving and will stay unplugged for now. Ah, room decor! I love my new one. It is so much quieter, too.

I look back on all those therapists. “I will teach you how to quiet your mind.” Since when do they “hear” what is happening in my mind? Can they hear actual noise coming out of it? Really? Okay, I have heard about brain disorders, but now, there’s this terrible problem of needing to QUIET one’s mind! Oh no, a noisy mind! Geez…..

Listen, if I truly had that problem I know I’d be going nuts here, don’t you think? Even the teensiest TV in the house next door to me bugs me, or a boom box way down the street. If those therapists were right, and my brain was so defective that it had a noise that needed quieting, then maybe I should have called up God and asked for a REFUND.

Dear God on High, How much of a refund can I get? It seems this Authority Figure claims I have a noisy brain! Can I send it back and get an even exchange for a Dead on Arrival one? What about my ticker? It’s ticking? How about one that doesn’t?

It seems that the therapist has more of a problem with me than I have with me.

Maybe, then, she should be the one calling God and complaining about the noise level if she doesn’t like it. Maybe she should just do a mass shooting to see to it that everyone is silent and dead.

I guess that’s what therapy does, turns everyone into compliant sheeples. “I have a mental illness and I’ll need treatment for the rest of my life and I have to obey my therapist.”

See you later. Have a nice evening.

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