Note to seniors: It’s not YOUR Medicare benefits.

I have to laugh at the mailings sent to seniors. YOUR MEDICARE BENEFITS. But who benefits? We give you this. You are entitled to…But really?

Here’s your benefit! I have to laugh. This means Senior Slavery. Senior obligation.

Who gets paid. The doc. Who becomes a slave? Seniors. Who now is obligated and hooked on drugs. Seniors. Who is now becoming sicker and sicker? Seniors. Who profits? Big Pharma and your doctor. So I don’t see this as YOUR BENEFITS. Not at all. The drug companies and your doctor and the institutions are racking up a fortune on the elderly. Happy addiction, coming up.

Of course, you don’t have to fall for all that. Just say no, Grandma. Bake apple pie like the ole stereotype says. Or, of course, a brownie or two, and send some brownie points my way for this blog entry.

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