My next two book reviews will be….. Rabbi Harold Kushner, Dr. Kelly Brogan

I am planning to review When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I will be discussing the usefulness of this book to psych survivors and their families.

After that, I will be reading Dr. Kelly Brogan’s A Mind of Your Own. I own this book already. I am on Dr. Brogan’s mailing list. I have been increasingly concerned about the sales pitches in her mailings. I am also concerned about the non-science in her blog posts. I am noticing the number of “testimonials,” all positive. Too many positive testimonials, to me, only looks like a scam. Another concern is her insistence on a one-size-fits-all approach. We don’t all have irritable bowel syndrome. We aren’t all depressed. Since when do we all demand that our “hormones” get fixed?   Geez…..None of that applies to me, by the way, I’m happy to say. I see  no reason to follow her extremely restrictive diet to get rid of IBS I don’t have!  Also, I note that Brogan is profiting off of the products she is promoting. I am quite concerned, also, that Dr. Breggin is promoting Dr. Brogan. I believe that Peter Breggin, MD, most likely is unaware of all these pushy sales tactics.

However, my plan is to examine the book, as a writer, as an ex-patient, and as a reader. I’ll give it a fair read. I know that Bonnie Burstow said we in the movement shouldn’t be badmouthing each other (shooting each other in the foot, that is).  But since when should I listen to someone just because they have PhD after their name?  Since when does that make the person THE authority? I feel that having someone like Brogan as “shining example” might be harming the Movement, anyway. I am not so keen on obvious pushy capitalism.

This is my opinion and I guess I’m entitled to an opinion, that’s all. We may have one responsibility, not to badmouth, on the other hand, I am an independent entity and I think independently. I think each of us has the duty to act responsibly. Brogan isn’t, if she’s doing pushy sales tactics, that is, pushing a one-size-fits-all restrictive diet on people as The Cure. That plus she only tell us the success stories. And only that. I have yet to see exactly what percent of those that sign up actually complete the program and “graduate” to glowing happiness. And I want to know about attrition, too. What about falling off the bandwagon?

I’ve added names to my title so maybe my entry will be found and someone might come comment. Maybe Brogan’s sales promotion person will find my entry. She even mentioned this person’s name in one of her blog posts, ha ha…..You know, cross-promotion…..

Feedback and comments welcome!