Message to fellow psychiatric survivors

I am a psych survivor, too. So I recall just like you do the ghettoized life we led while we were patients. We were either institutionalized within psych prisons, held in halfway “houses,” sometimes called “homes,” ironically, or coerced into spending our days in “day treatment” which isolated us in “treatment communities,” effectively silencing us. All this kept our communities very happy. Ah, the Crazies are out of our hair and out of trouble! A silent Crazy is a Good Crazy! However, I don’t agree with that, do you? A silent Crazy isn’t a very happy Crazy! In fact, a silent Crazy is a trapped one, a Crazy who only wants his freedom to live like anyone else.

We all have the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. These mean we all are free to be who we are. Being isolated within the confines of a “treatment community” is demeaning and demoralizing, almost like we were being “kept” or still imprisoned, or we were only being fooled into thinking we had equal rights. We did not. Was it all that great living like lepers?

Let’s not still live like lepers, then. We do  not need more mini-Day Treatment in the form of online communities! An online community is great as a stepping stone, but when it becomes the end-all, that is what it becomes. The Dead End Day Treatment for Psych Survivors. Sorry, but it is. I think the Establishment is thrilled that there are these forums now, including Facebook, to keep the masses that aren’t in real “treatment” off the streets and out of trouble. This keeps the phone lines of the House and Senate free of calls from psych survivors, because it was oh so nasty when they were calling all the time. Facebook and the forums are so handy to distract them from real activism.

So what I am saying is that the survivor commu8nity needs to realize that the forums are great, but keep it in proportion. Use it for networking, but If you Talk the Talk, then Walk the Walk, please. Don’t just yap (text) all day and do nothing. Because if that’s what you’re doing, you’re choosing to remain silent and inactive.

So I ask, if you’re STILL complaining about your life on these forums, and still silent and inactive….then I really don’t feel too sorry for you. Go walk the walk and spend less time complaining.

Feedback and comments welcome!