So a guy kills someone and then posts it to Facebook…I have heard of lack of stage fright, but…..

Do you guys think this guy MIGHT have been a bit too bold? If you just murdered someone, wouldn’t you hide the evidence? Wouldn’t the very last thing you do be to post what you did to Facebook?

Hey, that’s the point, I suppose. Kill someone, then, do the stupidest, most idiotic thing you can muster up. Then, RUN. Looks like he did. Most wanted……..His last name is Stephens. He is black and six feet tall. They say not to approach him, but to call 911. But considering the events so far, maybe we all should just snap a photo and upload it Facebook or Twitter instead. How many  guys are dark-skinned and six feet tall? Isn’t that about average height for a guy? Aren’t there about ten of that description out on every street out there?

He can just walk into any hardware store, buy a few cans of paint, walk out, and act normal…….. wear a denim jacket with paint on it.

Now if I were male, and I were my current height, which is five foot one (155 cm), I think I would have a lot more trouble concealing myself. Best to run off somewhere or hide in a closet.

What’s he gonna do next? Go on Oprah?

2 thoughts on “So a guy kills someone and then posts it to Facebook…I have heard of lack of stage fright, but…..”

  1. Julie, what you may not have heard about his is that Steve Stephens worked for a child psychiatric unit for 10 years, an infamous place called Beech Brook. In the mid 1980’s there was an investigation into sexual abuse taking place there and I thought it had been closed. I was shocked to hear it was still open, but it’s no surprise this creep was involved in Mental Health.

    1. So let me get this straight. The “staff” we knew, and admired, and worshiped, thought of AS IF THEY COULD DO NO WRONG, as if they were GODS ON HIGH….As if they knew the Secrets to Life Itself and could Answer All Our Questions and Could Solve All the Problems we had….And of course, They Had Their Lives Together, which was why they Held the Keys and we were Lowly Patients, the Dangerous Ones who were only worthy of pills, corrections, therapy forever and ever, doomed to be in the ranks of the UNEMPLOYED and impoverished because we’re simply too violent and dangerous to ever be let out into the public. And the staff, the likes of him, watched over us to ensure we were “safe.” We were not supposed to “complain,” were we?

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