Possible cause for insomnia no one ever mentioned to me: Dental surgery

I had five unnecessary teeth removed in the spring of 2011. Then I had to go back to the dental surgeon to have the correct tooth removed. Right after that, I stopped sleeping, and I have barely slept since. It was the next October that I stopped sleeping. I really have not slept since.  No one has thought of that, have they? Is it possible that THIS has been the cause of my insomnia all along?

I can tell you that the removal of FIVE unnecessary teeth has affected my speech, giving me a slight lisp. Since I frequently speak publicly, this matters to me, and affects my career. It does matter, since it affects my performance at any future job interview, and I am still applying for jobs. I have yet to be successful at getting accepted at one.

The dental surgeon who pulled my five unnecessary teeth saw me as a welfare case who didn’t matter very much. It was money in the bank for him. I went in one door, and then, he sent me out the back door with cotton in my mouth.

I remember that day well. The weather sucked bad. Slush and freezing rain. I had to get all the way to some suburb north of Winchester. Even further. Medford, I think. I told myself this was the last time I’d ever go there. I’m sure glad it was.

After that, I remember my therapist was all full of blame. Telling me I did it to myself, telling me my tooth extractions happened because of “poor self care.” I guess she never heard of psych meds such as antidepressants that dry out your mouth. Or knew or rip-off dental surgeons who take advantage of people like me. Or knew that most people don’t keep their wisdom teeth anyway.

That therapist really lay it into me. I’ll never forget her. She made everything ten times worse for me. i ended up in a hospital because of her. Then she had the nerve to show up at the hospital, just to prove herself right.

They told me she was coming in for a “meeting” so I got together my notes. I remember that day. I figured I’d at least have a chance to bargain with her. Then she came in and had a lecture-fest. I never got a word in the whole time.

Maybe the dental surgery did something to the nerves? I wonder if i can look into legal cases, into medical and dental histories that have been recorded, to see if anything strange like this has ever been noted. That doesn’t mean I can do anything about it. Of course, they made sure I signed papers, under duress, with the total understanding that they would fix my OTHER tooth. Geez.

And still, none of that means one thing caused the other.


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