Creativity, science, art, collaboration, and why the idea of healing as art can so badly harm instead of heal

I’m just sorting this all out. People don’t realize that art is not a collaborative act. When you see a book that is written by two authors, it’s not really written as a single creative collaborative act. Is each sentence written collaboratively? Usually, when these books are listed with two authors, one writes and the other does a heavy editing job (enough to be listed as co-author), or, they trade off chapters, or one does most of the writing and the other adds his/her name for the prestige and financial gain as pre-arranged, or one does most of the writing and the other adds a chapter here and there. The one thing we don’t see is one person writing one word, and the other writing the next. We don’t see them both holding the same pen. Do they think together? No. They think separately. Writing is solitary, done entirely alone.

Writing is not presented within the context of time. Dance is. We experience a dance performance within time on a stage or in a dance hall. Drama, likewise, on a stage, in an arena, or on the streets. Music is also performed within time. All of these may, or may not be performed collaboratively, should there be more than one performer. The creative process happens within the individual, but also there’s a synergy between the performers, a cooperation.

What about science? Science is creative, too. The scientist decides on an idea, then sets out to prove it, to show that that the idea is true. A scientist may work with others on illustrating their proof. That I know of, scientists usually guess initially, then, afterward, after their lengthy work is done, they realize that their guesswork is indeed correct….or, unfortunately, they are devastated to discover it is not true or not yet conclusive one way or the other. Then they are back to doing it all over again, trying something else, or scrapping it altogether.

I’m not sure about this, but somewhere I heard (a lot) that Healing is Art. What audacity, such holier-than-thou attitude hast spoken! Art? No, this is experimentation on human subjects, folks. Subjects, slaves. How can it be collaborative when there’s a hierarchy, a subject, one that obeys, and one that is a supreme God, that doctor who can do no wrong?

Listen up: Such art is guesswork. Plain and simple. Guesswork.

“I guess that this is what is going on. Now, I will perform X on you. To prove it. If it works, I’m right. Now, let’s see if my Guesswork is true. Ah, it worked. What beautiful art it is! I’m the genius! Credits, please, let the curtain calls keep rolling…..”

“Oops, it didn’t work? Hmm….(Time for coverup.) You have a different diagnosis after all. A new one. An underlying condition you had all along. Here’s my bill. Please exit out the other door, so you won’t be seen. Ah, what a beautiful art it is, the  secret art of healing. Next!”

How can it be art, or, rather, collaborative art, if there’s a hierarchy? It can’t. If it is something DONE TO, or, ACTED UPON, then no, I don’t think so.

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