Listen up….

Whatever they did in 2011, it was bad. When Massachusetts General Hospital, their idiot “policies” that did not apply to me, they were cruel, they were inhumane, they were inflexible…oh, worse than that. Water deprivation is a human rights abuse, no question about that. It’s torture in any country. Deliberate dehydration is not care, it’s abuse.

After that, it was like my soul had been torn from my body. It was like I could not get it back.

It was like someone was hammering on me, night and day. Constantly. A simple apology would have avoided all that. Actually, an apology from anyone. An apology I never got. It’s odd how that happens.

Bam, bam, bam.

Funny how the passage of time softens all that. Or, rather, you look up one day to find the hammer gone. It stopped. All that. Stopped.

“So, you’re done now?” And you get up. Look up there. Yep, might be done now. Might be.

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