“Unsolicited” hostility

Hi everyone,

I notice we live in a hostile world. Do you guys notice that so often people seem to take offense at just about anything? Ever accidentally bump into someone on the street, then even after apologizing appropriately, get yelled at for the next five minutes? Then maybe you’ve noticed.

Some folks think this is regional. They might say, “People in Boston are rude.” But I notice they say that about pretty much anyplace. I’ve heard that about rural areas, urban areas, all sorts of generalizations that simply aren’t true. Of course, you hear that about religions, liberals, conservatives, women, men, kids, teens, older people, “reeetards,” intellectual snobs, students, rednecks, and haven’t we said our share about “shrinks”?

If anyone out there can find one group that’s 100% ruder than another, good luck.

Here’s a fine sample of rudeness I’m laughing over right now. I noticed a group advertised on Meetup that seemed like it had kinda lofty ideals. Okay. I thought the group description ended with a bit of false viewpoint on aging, so I thought I’d clarify with the following:

“Hi, I have not decided if I would like to join the group due to too many prior commitments at this time. However, I read your description with much interest. I am wondering about the last line. Are you aware that getting older is a blessing? It is hardly true that older people cannot learn or have more trouble learning. In fact, older people possess unique wisdom, clarity, hindsight, and perspective that younger people can only dream of acquiring someday in the future. Maybe you want to reconsider the last line there since perhaps you will want to welcome elders to your group.”

I did, in fact, say I was considering joining. I didn’t use words such as, “turnoff” or “offensive.” I only said “reconsider.” However, check out the sarcastic response I received from this  person who has never met me:

“Maybe you want to reconsider offering unsolicited advice to strangers based on an assumed understanding; maybe you want to consider asking questions first in the humility of your ignorance before blessing the world with your accumulated wealth of wisdom.”

What’s truly funny was the way the guy boasted about his benevolent personality in his self-description.

I’m awfully glad I’m beyond being insulted by such nonsense. Instead, I find it all just too amusing.


2 thoughts on ““Unsolicited” hostility”

    1. I decided that being on the receiving end of such commentary might be doing good in the world after all. We serve a purpose. The guy needed a punching bag. I got myself volunteered for that, involuntarily, but never mind……

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