Another Insulting Blog Post by Marc and Angel

Apparently, Marc and Angel want to insult us more, by telling us “it’s time to move on.” Yep, these gurus are setting limits with those of us who, in fact, have the right to grieve, or be pissed off, or feel whatever we feel for however long we need to. No, Marc and Angel are the ones to set the limits. They say no more. And if they say it, and you don’t, you’d better pay money and buy their book or spend bigger money on one of their brainwashing retreats.

But wait, if any of your questionable buddies are Marc and Angel worshipees, they’re bound to point to this article and tell you, “See! I told you to stop talking about it! See what these bloggers are saying?” What a great way to finger-point at you even worse with Marc and Angel on their side. Don’t let that happen.

Stand your ground. We feel what we feel. It is NOT self-abuse to have a feeling!! Absolutely not. This is not even logical. Feelings can’t hurt you. Therefore, if feelings cannot do actual harm, then it’s not self-abuse to feel whatever you feel, and let yourself feel it! No!

It is, however, self-abuse to use harmful chemicals to drown out feelings you can’t stand. It’s self-abuse to hit your head against a brick wall to stop yourself from feeling a feeling. It’s self-abuse to spend money you don’t even have on over-priced gurus just to rid yourself of old feelings that these gurus say it’s time to drop. It’s self-abuse to torture yourself by spending one more minute reading Marc and Angel. For godsakes, do something useful!

Even your dog will be thrilled.

2 thoughts on “Another Insulting Blog Post by Marc and Angel”

  1. Then there are the folks who say, “Just remember, if you’re depressed and feeling down, that it’s a SIN TO BE UNHAPPY! Great. Now I’m miserable and guilty as well.

    Some churches that call themselves “anti-psychiatry” go around blaming unhappy people for losing it while offering no emotional support.

    Then there are the “pro-psychiatry” churches who consider themselves enlightened and humane. They offer distressed folks hope. How? By telling them to shut up and just take their pills. Then they don’t have to do anything else.

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