Annoying clothing

Clothing manufacturers are clearly following the money rather than common sense, nor considering the usefulness of the clothing. The following are my clothing PET PEEVES.

It seem to me that when I zip up a winter jacket, the zipper shouldn’t jam so easily. This can be solved with common sense. Install a better quality zipper. I don’t think this is going to cost the manufacturer that much more, especially for those high-end clothing. And yet, even on the most expensive (and so-called “stylish”) winter jackets, the zippers are the poorest quality possible. Secondly, when they install the zipper, install the flaps that cover the zipper in a way that they don’t get jam it.

Have you ever been in this situation? You’ve been bundled up on a cold day. Your bus was late, so you rush to arrive at your destination. You arrive just on time. As you enter, you are overwhelmed because the place turns out to be unexpectedly overheated. Thankfully, you have time to remove your coat before your event begins and people start to settle down. You remove that expensive jacket only to find the zipper is jammed.

Suddenly, many surround you trying to “help” you with the jammed zipper. You’re already sweating, the multitude of unwanted “helpers” is certainly not welcome right now. Inside, you are seething, noticing that a simple change in jacket design would have prevented this. Why do jacket manufacturers lack common sense?

That was Clothing Pet Peeve #1.

Clothing Pet Peeve #2. Jeans that have tiny, non-functional front pockets. At this point, if I am purchasing sight unseen, I ask the specific measurements of the inside of the pocket. Mini-pockets aren’t too useful, even for bus money or keys, and if you try to put your wallet into a mini front pocket, it’ll show, or even potentially fall out.

Clothing Pet Peeve #3. Jeans with ready-made holes. If kids want holes that badly, they can make them themselves. I don’t want to be cold. I don’t want brand new jeans that already need patches. It makes no sense that more jeans with more holes are more expensive, but there you have it.

Clothing Pet Peeve #4. Clothing for boys is better quality and more utilitarian than clothing for girls. Girls’ clothing is too frilly. The lace and extras can potentially get caught or get in the way. What are they thinking? That girls sit around and act pretty and don’t do anything? That dumb lace is a safety hazard. If I ever purchase in the girls’ department I either avoid the frills or cut them off.

Better yet, shopping in the boys’ department, I find much more practical styles. I can’t stand the cute Princess and teddy bear decals they put all over girls’ clothing. Why do they insult girls that way? Isn’t this a setup? We’re not even grown yet, and already, they’re insulting us by handing us demeaning, inferior quality clothes that cost twice as much.

Pet Peeve #5. I can’t tell you when the last time was that I ever shopped in the “para damas” department because women’s clothing worldwide is rarely made with logic in mind. Have you ever shopped in the women’s department and found that what you bought had fallen apart before you even got it home?

Sometimes I see an attractive-looking dress and think I might want one. But upon second look I realize that any woman who wears this has to be about seven feet tall. Maybe only the mannequin, eh? At my height, I could hem the dress and then extract from it an entire matching scarf, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

What I actually do purchase, occasionally, is a pair of leggings for running, but only on sale. I’m not too fussy but I sure don’t want animal prints. I bought some boys’ boxers, a three-pack on sale, also for running, and have yet to need to sew up the “fly” since I’m not using them to sit anywhere in public and my shirt covers that part. I wear plain t-shirts that I get for roughly a dollar if possible, these come in a small adult size, or larger kids’ size. The kids’ size has the advantage of not going all the way down to my knees. If I need jeans, I have discovered the best place to get them is probably a well-organized second-hand store, or a seller such as EBay.

A word about EBay: EBay is a seller’s market. EBay will side with the seller most of the time in disputes, so buy accordingly. In my opinion, very few things are worth your while to purchase on EBay for this reason, unless you are really sure the seller is reputable (many cross-sell on Amazon and elsewhere, and have real storefronts). I have seen my share of sleeziness on there. I have usually had very good luck purchasing clothing on EBay, however. Think of it as a yard sale and look for the dirt cheap prices. Look for people emptying out their attics. That I know of, this was what EBay was originally for.  I get all my jeans that way, usually paying no more than seven dollars a pair. Sometimes I find a two-pack for a bargain price. Many ebay sellers ship free, and even worldwide. You can even get stuff shipped from China (I might even check into that).

That I know of, “smoke-free household” is meaningless because even if the previous owner smoked heavily and the home reeked, you can get the smell out of most clothing in one or two washings if it isn’t out already. Unless it’s an expensive, overpriced fur coat (but who would want one?). It’s the upholstery, rugs, linoleum, and walls of a smoker’s home that are the problem. Forever.

Shopping at a second-hand store can be frustrating, especially for clothing. I don’t bother except for winter jackets. I find used jackets are better quality. They don’t have the zipper-jam problem. Even if they do, I’ve only lost $6 if I end up with a dud. I don’t bother with changing rooms, either. I don’t go through the racks and racks and racks and racks….Not unless the store is well-organized. I don’t understand why so many thrift stores organize shirts by color. Red shirts here, blue shirts on this rack. Why not organized by size? Clothes for shrimps like me over in one corner where tall folks won’t have any interest whatsoever.

One day, I saw a short man, only a few inches taller than me, in the second-hand clothing store, looking around quite frustrated at the lack of available short-people clothing. Had I known, I would have sent him next door to the para niños place right next door, where they also sold clothing for children right up through teenage years (I’ve lucked out there myself).

Pet Peeve # (what number am I on, anyway?) Six. 6. Hats. Winter hats with those long braid-like things. I like these because they actually cover your ears. I also like the softness inside. Some are scooped out in front. The ones that aren’t scooped out interfere with my eyeglasses! The braid-like things ALWAYS end up dipped into in my morning coffee! What the heck else are they for except to annoy us like that? The only time I truly like them is when it’s cold enough to tie my hat onto my head. I have one that I tie onto my head at night when it’s very cold. That is a cool practical use for those things. If you drink coffee, you’ve already found out the drawbacks. Grrr….

(Yes, I still keep my hair in a braid, and it has indeed ended up in my coffee now and then, but not on a daily basis like these hat thingies.)

Some hats don’t even cover my ears so they’re not too useful.  Or they don’t stay on. Or they itch like mad. Or they are not snug enough, or too snug. Some hats slide right between my eyes and my eyeglasses. Grrr.. Or eyeglasses wearers just can’t wear them.

What are your clothing pet peeves? Annoying brand names advertised all over the clothes? Nasty-looking colors and prints? Insulting “Fat clothes” that are not complimentary no matter who wears them? Raincoats with shoulder pads that make you look like a football player? (I had one that I ended up tossing.) Belts that do nothing (except fall apart)? Clothes so poorly designed they could kill you? I heard a young child was literally to death by his own scarf recently. That has been happening for a century now, by the way. What is the most annoying, impractical, or downright awkward clothing you’d love to see done with and gone?

2 thoughts on “Annoying clothing”

  1. Julie,
    the clothes are cheaply made that way (and not much funcional), so people discard them, spend some money and buy some more cloths (or the new colors/ trends).

    I would say better cloths/ better acessories is the way to go.
    Takes more time to look for it, a person has to go further.. and new can be more on the expensive side.

    Cloths used by the army/ police (or by professions that require high standards of funcionality & good quality/ price ratio), are the way to go.
    Also higher quality cloths/ equipment for outdoor sports.

    And learn to fix/ adapt/ replace/ add details to new/used cloths, makes them:
    a) more funcional;
    b) have extra features;
    c) last more/ way more;
    d) better satisfaction at daily use;
    e) make you feel more secure that you wont lose anything;
    f) may even save money on the long run.

    Care is needed to choose used cloths. Then wash fully & very carefully before the first use

    1. Good point about “first use” since clothes may shrink or fade. Also you can end up with stray “fuzz” or flyaway threads (these drive me nuts, too).

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