A story of too many shrinks ruins the day

I read about a couple who apparently were having some serious disagreements. He did not allow her to abort her pregnancies. From reading the article (she later miscarried) I had the feeling these were risky pregnancies, but apparently, he would not budge, citing religious reasons. He also did not allow her to see a psychiatrist for religious reasons. Instead, she saw several therapists, a social worker, and had religious counseling. Sounds like therapy overkill to me, Indeed, she had about four or five psych diagnoses. This is ALWAYS suspect. In other words, suspect the shrinks of incompetence or abuse (never mind the husband).

She finally broke under the stress and killed her two living children. Her illness was blamed. Of course. The shrinks and husband walk. What’s wrong with this picture?

The debate seems to be whether she was aware that what she did was wrong. What sense does this make? Somewhere in the law it says that if a person is being horribly abused and then, while being abused by these highly controlling people, kills someone, even if it’s her kids, the abusers are also to blame.  Unfortunately, most incorrectly assume shrinks couldn’t possibly abuse.

But as I said, having all those diagnoses on her chart all simultaneously certainly looks to me like total incompetence, if not abuse.


I wrote to the paper posting about the ongoing trial and offered to speak with those concerned, possibly putting them in touch with someone whose word might stand up in court if they wished. I do not expect to hear back today. When I write to newspapers (not Letters to the Editor, just private commentary) I rarely get a response from the reporters. Too bad. If I were rich they’d respond I’ll bet.

Feedback and comments welcome!