Has anyone had any trouble playing my posted audio files?

Has anyone run into problems playing the audio files I have posted? These can be both downloaded, if you wish, or played right in the browser. I keep trying to point them out.  Those who have listened to me have given me very helpful and positive feedback, and I thank you for that.

What is sad is that I am noticing they simply aren’t getting played! People flat out refuse to listen! They rudely make excuses! Sorry, no time! Later, I have to see the doc! Another possibility could be the fear factor, that folks are just plain scared to hear me, afraid to hear my voice. Maybe their old fears creep back, the Julie the Violent, Subhuman Mental Patient fears. A lot of folks are still afraid of me, and they have these ideas about me that I have these negative powers to do a lot of evil stuff I really don’t do (such as ruin people’s recovery, or that I am “pro-ana,” etc.).  I think many are still afraid of me after all these years. Afraid that if they hear my voice, some sort of “vibes” or “aura” will rub off on them. Or “negative energy.” That’s complete baloney. That they’ll catch it, too. This is such nonsense, but many believe this total fiction even after all this time has passed. I suspect this is the main reason why my audio files do not get played.

However, if you are truly running into technical problems let me know.

Feedback and comments welcome!