Psychiatry as reductionist science

Psychiatry uses one explanation only for human behavior without even considering the variety of possible explanations. This is what reductionism is.

“The reason for your behavior is your mental illness.”

There is no argument and no other possibility. This is a way that those in power wield their control over patients in the artificial two-tiered society they themselves create, using a mythological limited and rigid belief system, rather than a wide range of what is possible in life.

2 thoughts on “Psychiatry as reductionist science”

  1. Julie, well… is it “science” or is it dogma, or even trash?
    Even the psychiatrists (if and when their tongue slips… admit the DSM is a mess, not worthy to argue about its merits. Is a heavy blind tool… so to say. Was not designed to be a scientific tool, but to be “effective”… aka that was “useful” to APA and its members/ partners… to get more and more money… from diffferent sources.

    As for the: “you have a grave/ serious/ lifetime/ desabilitating disease that will crush the Obamacare/Trumpcare and bankrupt the USA”… is funny.

    The psychiatrist says: “you dumb soul are terribly ill”.
    And the he/she asks why?

    And the “Know-It-All Psychiatrist” replies: because you said “this and that”.

    And the question is… if a ill person says thing that may have less than credible sense… should those things be taken into consideration?

    THE answer is: YES! ALWAYS!
    In other words… you MR./MRS DUMB: are sick, and speak nonsense all the way. Yet… when you describe things that can be used (by me “Know-It-All Psychiatrist”), to lock you in a psychiatrict hospital… is the other way around… is the clear-as-holly-water-truth-all-the-signs-and-symtopms-are-in-your-own-words.

    So: shut up dear soon-to-be-psychiatric-candidate. Close your lips, smile. That will help.

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