I do not hate Trump supporters…A list of what I do not hate…..

I don’t hate Trump supporters.
I don’t hate people who don’t agree with me.
I argue with them a lot. But I don’t hate them.
I might hate too many arguments but I do not hate the people who are vehicles for those arguments.
I don’t think it is a terrible sin to use the word hate.
I don’t think it’s okay to tell another person not to use the word “hate,” nor is it okay to silence another by saying that “hate” is a bad word or “triggering.”

In fact, sometimes, telling another person, “Hey, that’s triggering!” is an aggressive statement. Maybe we need to curb that a bit.

I don’t hate Trump supporters.
I changed my mind a lot, too.
I used to think I had a mental illness
I used to call myself all kinds of disease-names.
Now, I don’t.
It was very hard for me, painful, in fact, to realize I was wrong.
It is fine to change your mind. We all have that right.

I don’t hate Trump supporters.
Trump supporters are human, too.Trump is human, and he got elected president.
Someone has to get elected.
And chances are, whoever it is,
Someone is going to hate that person.

I highly doubt he is subhuman, nor a monster,
Nor does he have the superhuman nor Evil powers people claim he has.
Hate does odd things, including magical thinking around a person,
Both good and bad. I suspect the power he does have
Comes because he is president,
Because he is backed by corporations
By money, and by many other rich people.
And not by some evil supernatural force.
And folks, he is not the Devil nor Antichrist. If you believe this,
Kindly examine your values, your religious beliefs,
And your sense of reality. Maybe your hatred and GroupThink
And gang mentality
Has truly gotten away with you.
Kindly get back to reality here.

I am not a Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for him.
But I don’t hate those that did.
I don’t waste my energy that way.

In fact, how many times have I mentioned him in this blog? I bet
I have mentioned him more times in this one entry than in all entries, all together. And how many entries have I written? Four thousand? Something like that. I have not wasted my breath nor my sloppy typing. Don’t bother. We have other things to accomplish, other missions here. Let’s get a move on.

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