Just one more reason to hate Marc and Angel…..

I hate Marc and Angel because….

3 Signs You Will Be Fine (Even If You Don’t Feel Fine Right Now)

For one thing, like the other gurus out there, they love to annoy us with these money-making pop-ups enticing us to BUY NOW or get on their mailing list or sign up for one of their expensive workshops and be brainwashed into their dogma forever.

Secondly, I notice that like the other gurus out there, they assume we’re all employed at Busy Jobs. Say what? The Busy Job Syndrome. Since when? A lot of folks are out of work these days, certainly not suffering from Busy Job Syndrome. But these gurus are not interested in those they cannot rip off, that don’t have paychecks. No, the gurus milk the employed. Follow your guru, and your paycheck will be gone!

Of course we all have so, so much on our plates…..yeah. The homes we own, the vacation, the cars, the RVs, the TVs, the DVR, the swimming pool the needs repair, the Wii, the screaming kids, the boss…..Marc and Angel, go screw.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m happy to be free of all of the above, including Marc and Angel.

I hate Marc and Angel and similar gurus because of their gross assumptions. I hate their stereotypes and of course, their damn money.

2 thoughts on “Just one more reason to hate Marc and Angel…..”

  1. I thought I was the only one who felt that way! Used to read stuff like that and feel envious. Then I would feel guilty for coveting and imagine I was horribly evil. The worst person ever. It often would bring on a month of depression–or worse. 🙁

    1. I know! I used to pick up those “mindfulness” books and the very first sentence usually was “We live in a busy world.” Wow. The clueless author would go on and on about television, which hardly applied to me. I usually tossed the thing out. Often if I could tolerate much more, the author would compare two young women. One “in control of emotions,” the other “disordered” and “emotionally dysregulated.” All I could think of was that this author was teaching the readers to divide humanity into the “sickos” and those that are “okay.” This duality, the thinking that there are terrible sickos in this world that desperately need “help,” was totally wrong.

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