How to tell if a person is inebriated

Until now, there’s been no measurable way to tell if a person is under the influence of a number of known recreational substances. Now, it seems that psychiatry has come up with a test to see if a person is hopelessly drunk or stoned! This is very scientific! While you are sitting in the psychiatrist’s office, he gets out a ruler, one in millimeters, and measures the diameter of your pupils.

If you compliant enough to allow this creep to do this, you are probably on all sorts of drugs.

2 thoughts on “How to tell if a person is inebriated”

    1. That’s funny, one of my former psychiatrists, whom I will not name right here, I am sure would have “passed” the blood or urine screening just fine. Legally drunk all right, Gosh that was so long ago.

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