How funny box cutter adventure…..

A few months ago I purchased a box cutter because I had too many boxes lying around. This is a consequence of relocating. This morning I was chopping up a box. I must admit I have gotten the hang of this! Chop chop chop!

There I was, chopping my box up. I must have been day-dreaming, or perhaps, early morning dreaming. I accidentally chopped me! Ooooops!

Almost all of the box was chopped, and I was a bit chopped, too. Only one tiny cut, which I hoped would not even bleed. However, it did. Slightly. Good thing I am no longer a “patient.” This little slice is in a terribly embarrassing place.

Anyway, I completely ignored my tiny slice and finished the job. I took all my nicely-chopped pieces and bagged them up. As usual. One more box killed, several more now to go. Actually, I must admit, I still have many more boxes to go. Now, though, I have this slice on me. What to do?

Oh well. It isn’t serious. It’s just a cut, no big deal. I am so glad I am not in the System. Thank goodness no appointments! If a shrink saw this, I’d get accused of self-harm! But it wasn’t! I was cutting up a box! Oh well….

Thank goodness no one is going to see this and I won’t have to explain this to anyone. Jeepers creepers. No nosy people in my life, no one who sees me as a nutcase who lives near me, and really, if anyone happens to glance my way, no way will they think of it as self-harm anyway. Big deal!

Only I am laughing thinking about the decades that things would have turned out differently. This would have ended up with a hospitalization at taxpayer expense. Probably at least a week, that is, thousands of dollars wasted taxpayer money, wasted on an unnecessary psych ward visit, wasted on unnecessary days incarcerated while I get accused of dangerousness that simply does not exist. They call that “precautions.” Why? Because of a phony diagnosis.

I have now ditched the diagnosis, so I have saved taxpayers a lot of money, and saved myself much grief and nuisance.

If no one sees you as a nut, you are not a nut. And that’s all there is to it.


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