Do-it-yourself! Make your own toasy-warm mittens and keep your fingers warm this winter!

Are your fingers freezing all winter? Do you want warmer mittens but don’t want to spend a fortune on ski mitts in a fancy sports shop? Here’s how to DO IT YOURSELF! Or how I did it.

This is what you can do. Neoprene is super warm. I suspect also silicone is as well. You can use any insulating material of your choice. Use a pair of mittens you already have, or purchase very cheap but durable ones, ones that have a decent outer shell. Fake leather will do well (please no whining over fake leather here, whining is for nutcases and if you do, I’ll sic “staff” on you!). Usually nylon does not hold out.

Insulating material is often found in oven mitts. You might find such oven mitts in discount stores such as “dollar store” type stores. Get a smaller size oven mitt, narrower if possible. You will need two, one for each hand, unless you only have one hand. You can also use certain types of socks for this.

Now, using your insulating material, or oven mitt, cut the mitt down. You want to cut it down so that it is just a bit longer than it needs to be to fully cover your fingers, right down to your thumb intersection.

Stuff this cap into your mittens. You can also stuff the finger cap into converted mitten-gloves, the type that fold over.

Now, you have super duper mittens, the same terrific mittens as before, but with Enhanced Finger Warmth. You did not have to spend a fortune and now, when you go outside in the bitter cold, you won’t feel like you are going through torture. And you have saved a bundle.

Happy winter.


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