Are you hooked on Withdrawing from Psych Drugs?

Are you hooked on withdrawing from psych drugs? I find that many people are so obsessed with this thing called withdrawal that they aren’t even living their lives anymore. They have no time for anything else. I wonder how they spend their time. I am so glad I never knew about “withdrawal” because I never got obsessed like that. Geez! It’s the latest craze! It makes me sickened to see people all hung up on it.

I hear folks talking about pain and suffering. I wonder what the heck they’re talking about. They keep blaming the pills, over and over. Why they hell don’t you live you life, I want to say. Wake up! Lots of times, I can’t say anything at all. Most of them live in terrible circumstances due to marginalization, poverty, lack of employment, underemployment, and family circumstances.

Allow me to explain the “family circumstances” bit. Most don’t even realize it is happening right before their eyes. As a result of exposure to the Mental System, two things occur. The System turns children against their parents by default. The problem with this is that parents are not always to blame. The second problem is that after exposure, the patient has become the family sicko. That is nearly impossible to undo. All that finger-pointing, which was not there before, is caused by the Mental System.

Now what? The patient gets into this cozy sicko role. The “nice” family, no matter how nice they may be, adjusts to the new roles, and the patient also adjusts. What if the patient decides I HATE THE PILLS AND WANT TO GET OFF?

No one is going to be okay with this. The patient’s friends aren’t going to be okay with this, nor the family, nor the children of the patient, nor the spouse, nor the parents of the patient, nor the patient him/herself. This is not anyone’s fault except the fault of the System that imposed these false notions of “illness” in the first place.

Undoing these false roles isn’t so easy. The parents have been caregivers of an adult who should not have been forced to act like a child. Siblings should not have had to care for a toddler-like adult. Neighbors should not have had to fear a person who wasn’t even violent. Friends have had to coddle a person who should not have been coddled. What now?

There is no “pain and suffering” from withdrawal. Certainly not that goes on for years and years. NONE. I do see plenty of pain and suffering from obsession over withdrawal. Organ damage from taking the damn drugs too long, yes. I have heard of measurable organ damage, brain shrinkage from drugs, other organs seriously damaged, true. I don’t for one minute believe “pain and suffering” from withdrawal is nearly as bad as folks claim. I believe it is reinforced and magnified tenfold because they have these forums to support how bad it is. Excuses after excuses for not living their lives! Lovely.

Please do not go off cold turkey. If you do, you could get a seizure or some terrible thing like that.  Please do not bitch and moan, six years after you get off a psych drug, over “withdrawal.” I don’t buy it.

I DO buy that maybe you were damaged by past incarceration. Psych incarceration is the more likely cause of unemployment not the drugs. Incarceration is what truly broke us down. I do buy that you’re blaming the pills and using pills as yet one more excuse to stay on disability, to stay inactive and passive. We need all the resources we can muster up to fight psych incarceration and instead, too many are moaning about pills and ignoring the larger issue.  This is yet one more way the pharma industry has really got us by the horns!

Don’t buy it. Don’t let pharma keep you passively hooked on the idea of pill withdrawal. Don’t let pharma keep you in the dredges of obsession, charting your withdrawal symptoms the way we compliant patients faithfully charted our “symptoms” on a scale of one to ten. Break the cycle. If you are unhappy, maybe it’s your life. Quit blaming the pills you aren’t even taking anymore. After this many years, I bet it isn’t.

What about the therapist you’re seeing? If you quit the pills, maybe you’re as hooked as ever on appointments. Do you see more doctors than ever? Does your family or your friends still see you as the sicko? Maybe that is the problem. Maybe you are hooked on therapy, or maybe the therapist is keeping you sick, or preventing you from having a real social life. Any of these are possibilities.

Either way, I am so tired of hearing that people spend twenty hours a day “in withdrawal” and that’s why they don’t have time nor energy for activism nor truly want to see anything in the world change (such as stopping the System altogether). I guess they’re afraid of real change, and are too self-absorbed to care.




3 thoughts on “Are you hooked on Withdrawing from Psych Drugs?”

  1. Okay, what planet are you from?

    There are REAL mental health issues out in the world, and if you don’t believe me, go to some psych wards, institutions, and the like (and yes, some of the homeless population)… and you can see first hand what a mental illness can do to a person. And yes, you can tell when someone is not on medication to help treat their issues or not.

    I take offense to the what you are saying here and how you are saying it. But this is your opinion, so I can’t really do much about it.

    But I will say this: it is MY choice to seek out help, to seek out others when I need the help. If this means going to a DR, then it means going to a dang DR.

    If you take the health care system away from people who actually WANT to get better, then those people will have a much tougher time surviving whatever’s going on, and then take their life back.

    So, in essence, if you are sick and tired of listening to what people have to say, then just move on and get a life. We all have a story to tell, and we have the right to share our story if we want to. You don’t have to listen, or read, if you don’t want to know about anyone else’s story.

    1. I’ve done time incarcerated on psych wards. There are statistics showing that incarceration on psych wards increases chances of suicide a hundred fold. Which doesn’t surprise me since they treated the patients like animals there. I can’t say it was “help.” Was it? What planet are you from?

    2. Peacejaw –

      Ugh, “mental health issues” … Where to begin!!

      Who benefits from an entire population believing that half of us have “mental health issues”? Who’s laughing all the way to the bank?

      When you use the word “help,” how do you define it? Because Americans are receiving billions of dollars-worth of “help” and only getting more ill, more hostile and angry, and more disabled.

      Since psychiatric drugs have gone mainstream, numbers of people *permanently disabled* by so-called “mental illness” and permanently on the government dole due to so-called “mental illness” have skyrocketed. See Robert Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” He’s an investigative journalist who runs the numbers.

      Juliemadblogger is my personal friend. She has spent three decades in and out of psych wards. She knows what she’s talking about.

      My life also was derailed for nearly two decades by my naive trust and faith in so-called “experts” and “professionals” who held fancy degrees from fancy schools, and who supposedly held the monopoly on empathy. Well, I didn’t truly trust them, but, they were the only “help” on offer to me. I’m 45 now and long ago left them behind but when I was 19, 20 years old, I adored these lovely women who were my talk “therapists” and who seemed so genuine and kind. However, they were almost solely responsible for robbing me of whatever chance I had for a good, happy, financially secure life. Their failure to actually help me by finding the solutions to the two very solve-able problems I had, which were the sources of my distress, was catastrophic. Time was of the essence. They intervened and they failed, causing irreparable harm. (But they were fine – they got about $60,000 from my dad and insurance companies.)

      Your doctors’ interests are very different from yours, and your doctors will never know you, and never know how to help you, or what you need. You are the one who knows what you need, and I’m sure you know this, if you pay attention to your inner guiding core.

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