Organizing for social change can only happen from the bottom up.

Organizing is not my strong point, and yet I see this pattern among psych survivors. Because we have always looked to our crooked leaders, “staff,” to do for us, I see many ex-prisoners still looking to “staff” to organize for change. This can’t happen and won’t.

Staff, that is, shrinks of any kind, therapists and doctors, these types are NOT the ones who can possibly end the System nor make significant changes to it. They will not end incarceration nor will they end the patient/staff duality that is keeping us voiceless and silencing us. Why? The duality is keeping them in business, keeping them in power. The duality validates them as professionals, and it is wrong. It must end.

This is why we cannot look to them to organize “support groups.” Even survivor support groups. This is not going to work. If you are like me and were abused in a hospital, please do not turn to a psychologist nor to a therapist to organize an abuse group of people or patients who were abused in a hospital. To have a degreed professional as leader of us unfortunate patients will only re-validate our patienthood, continue our marginalization, our neediness (which was not there before) and continue the dual, totalitarian society. Us and them, the vulnerable weak ones, and Those That Know Better, the Healers, the Gods.

If you want organizations, then participate. Take part. Get up and run them yourselves. Volunteer. Call in! Write! Do stuff. if you want action, do action. Don’t look for staff to do for you, because if you do, your life will continue to be run by staff.

I am shocked at the multitude of excuses. Too busy. Too sick. Too many kids. Too many sick elders. Oh, and the multitude of “I am too busy withdrawing from drugs” excuses. I can’t quite understand why withdrawing from drugs takes up that much time and energy! Do you really want to give up your time to the drug companies, STILL? Or do you want to help get people out of nuthouses? Do you want to end psych incarceration and knock down the walls that divide us? Do you want to stop psych tortures, stop the belittling that happens on a daily basis, end the forced poverty, forced unemployment, forced devaluating of humans, forced dehumanizing, forced institutionalization, and outright insult to the human condition?

Staff’s jobs depend on keeping the status quo the same. They will not organize anything except to keep us incarcerated and silent. They will not do a damn thing, and they are paid to keep us this way. We must act, and commit to continuing to speak out on such things. If you want action, then that is what it will take.

I see a lot of folks whining, but I wonder how much it is going to take to get folks to take real action, to commit to this, to realize that if we act, we might see real change. What is so scary about ending psych abuse and ending psych incarceration is that maybe there won’t be so much to whine about anymore. Then what? Is that why folks are refusing to commit to action? Because change is just so scary?

2 thoughts on “Organizing for social change can only happen from the bottom up.”

  1. Julie, I have not read Thomas Szasz… but if memory does not fail me… he said that some people diagnosed with a mental illness… were not… AND… are not mental ill. But instead by accident… or by choice… dressed up that “mental illness suit”.

    Yes, a new excuse every day. Some people taking psychiatric drugs are like that. For years. Foverer, likely.

    As for this excuse: “i dont have the time/ energy”…
    Know what? See if that is true.
    Ask: “What did ou did yesterday?” or “what did you did the last day you had free time?”

    Of course.., the best part is to spend a day with “persons that dont have free time” =)
    Is hilarious. Just incredible.

    Can you imagine this? TRY!

    One person looking at a pan cooking a soup for-a-whole-30-minutes.
    More funny yet… the vegetables would cook in 10 (ten) minutes.

    And sure enough that person had no time for “other things”.

    Thomas Szasz seemed harsh? Well… maybe things got worse?
    Seems people did not listed to Thomas Szasz.

    1. I know. I keep wondering how much time and energy it takes to be “in withdrawal.” I guess it takes five hours a day to count beads, right? Six hours a day for “pain and suffering.” Two hours a day to chart the “pain and suffering” because we mental patients are very good at rating such “pain and suffering on a scale of one to ten, so they spend countless time rating the “suffering” from “withdrawal” likewise then going to the forums and reporting how well or poorly they’re doing that day. Oh, twelve hours a day being obsessed and bitching and moaning on their forums.So 26 hours a day for “withdrawal” which is why they’re so passive. This is how the pharmaceutical companies STILL has folks enslaved. Oh, I need to make this into a post I suppose.

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