We are all hypocrites, in fact, the aim is not to stop hypocrisy, but admit we do it, and to do it with good humor and understanding

All humans are hypocrites. Hypocrisy is built in to human nature. Children aren’t hypocrites, but this pattern shows itself as we begin to become adults. This is not something to avoid as if it’s a cold you do not want to catch, or a bee to avoid because a sting will hurt. If you start to notice it in yourself, it’s a good thing. You are growing up, and that’s inevitable, painful, wonderful, and sad.

We become hypocrites because we are social beings. We wear necessary masks. These are needed just to get by. Some call the mask the persona. What mask do you wear?

In the nuthouse, the persona question was answered for us. You are bipolar. You are depressed. You are chronically suicidal. So we never had to ask what persona we were this time as it was handed to us. Our role. That costume.

Did you go to work today? What were you there? How many times did you say Please and Thanks today? These are masks we wear, personas, total fakes. How are faking today? Did you get paid your weekly paycheck for faking good?

We need to admit this, at least. We all lie so well. We are great actors on this wonderful stage. Who am I this time and what costume shall I wear?

Next time we throw a costume party, please invite me and Puzzle!

good night!

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