Not that I didn’t try

There is no career out there, no great wonderful job waiting for me, no great reward, no great person saying, “Hey, all those years were worth it,” no person saying, “We appreciate you so here’s your applause.” It isn’t happening now, so it sure ain’t happening anytime in the future. I need to quit fooling myself. Now.

Why? Not because I don’t work my fucking butt off, because I do. Because I work damn hard every single day, for nothing, and apparently, very few out there even know I do this anymore.

If you bake a cake, the best cake in the world, but no one comes, and no one is there to share it with, then I got news for you. You do not have a bakery. You may have a cake. But you do not have a bakery. You have a failed bakery, because even though you worked very hard, your buddies let you down. They didn’t appreciate your hard work. Or perhaps what you have is a bakery that still has not been appreciated. But that cake is going to go stale fast. So you’d better get hopping.

That’s what I got. I worked my butt off. For what? Where the hell are my buddies now? This ain’t no bakery without buddies. It’s just cake. Dead cake. In fact, it died a while back and no one even noticed. Because you didn’t care.

I’m so tired of failed projects that I work my butt off for an no one even gives a shit. I’m so tired of wishing and hoping but not getting anything off the ground due to lack of support. Go to hell, assholes. Go to fucking hell.

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