Lahey clinic corruption

Here is the article, which I am not sure all of you can view:

This is from the Boston Globe, which limits reader access to articles. If you want to read more, try reading from a different device or try from public library (if you have one locally) or a college or school library, or your workplace when your boss isn’t looking. I would not pay the Globe a cent.

My mom went to Lahey and actually trusted them. Sorta. I heard Lahey was either expanding or being bought out. As per usual. As you can see, many of these hospital corporations are corrupt as can be. This is the NORM, not some exception, the TIP OF THE ICEBERG called corporate corruption that is rife in these medical institutions.

What the article does not tell you is who is harmed by this corruption. It did tell you who got the big house. But who is harmed? Patients. Patients, their families, and taxpayers who pay huge sums of money


But you really shouldn’t. Let’s face it, most taxpayers have no clue how this Medicare money is being wasted, using the elderly, poor, and disadvantaged as disposable pawns.

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