Ratio of decent psychotherapists and decent psychiatrists out there…

Can we take a vote on this one? How many uneducated fuckers STILL think psychotherapists are about 50/50, and STILL think all psychiatrists are assholes? If you believe that, you are so, so naive.

First of all, psychology and psychiatry are now arm in arm. They claim to be different, but no, they’re not. This is only because psychologists want to divorce themselves from psychiatry out of embarrassment but STILL want to keep their fucking money and more importantly, their POWER. This is seriously concerning, don’t you think? Please do not remind me of the impoverished psychology interns out there, pretty please??? Ah, those lone exceptions I’ve now…ahem…insulted…..

I’d say finding a decent therapist is a crapshoot. I’ve talked to a few, recently, not clinically, but about the topic of human rights. I can tell you that they are, first of all, not too bright. I can tell you that overall the patients they treat are smarter and have far more insight. Yet the treator population still acts like haughty know-it-alls and still acts like patients are inferior. Please never see a therapist like this. I don’t think they’re at all competent if they act that way behind the scenes.

Oh, they’ll act all nice when you first meet them, and that makes them ten times more dangerous. Watch out for the nice ones because they sting a hundred times worse in the end. I think this is because their niceness makes you actually believe in them. Like they’re fucking “exceptions.” Please do not. Don’t fall for it.

If, by chance, you do, you will hit hard. Worse, the nicer they are. The higher your hopes, the worse you will fall. The more they promise, the worse you will crash when you find out it is all complete bullshit.

So let’s look at that ratio. At least when you walk into a psychiatrist’s office, you pretty much know you’re dealing with an asshole right away. If by chance the psych isn’t one, you’ll know that, too. They tend to let you know in those brief ten minutes because they’re paid to act like asses anyway.

“Okay, so I see you’re bipolar mixed with delusional features…” You know he’s an asshole.

“Okay, so I see we need to hospitalize you since you wife says….” You know he’s an asshole.

“Who the hell put you on this cocktail?” I’d say give the dude a chance, since clearly he dares to question the last doc. A brave move. They rarely speak for themselves, more likely defer to the previous doc….forever.


You want my opinion? It’s a crapshoot, but I’d say your chances of finding a decent psychiatrist are about the same as finding a decent therapist. After all, we need psychiatrists to help people get off these drugs, so I think we need to keep them around. We need them, also, to help deflect the “broken brain” theory and send people to the right specialists, such as thyroid specialists or to herbalists or to sleep specialists or to nutritionists, instead of saying, “Your brain is broken.” We need psychiatrists a whole lot more than we need people going to therapy to fix their feelings, when it very well might be their food (or lack thereof) or something in the air they breathe or the water quality! Yes we do need psychiatrists, but not ones that do brain shit. We need ones that say, “Hey, get a water filter and that might help your kid study better,” or, “Maybe get rid of your TV and I’ll bet that will stop your headaches and lower your electric bill, too.”

That will be five cents, please.

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