People don’t realize what the word “no” does to a person

A long time ago I was apartment-hunting in a certain town. I was stupid enough not to hide my Facebook prior to inquiring. Since when should a person have to hide their Facebook whenever they go job-hunting or apartment hunting? Sadly, this is how life is these days…..

I found out the hard way. Two or three times getting turned down due to being “looked up” on Facebook taught me a hard lesson.  The first time the lady emailed me saying her husband had told her they had decided not to rent the place after all. While I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt, I am skeptical since they had it rented out ongoing, year-round, and it seemed to be right back on the market again!

So then later on I tried to find a rental in a different town. I could have cursed myself for telling the real estate person my last name. I realized I didn’t have to tell her immediately. I could have withheld it, delaying her looking me up on Facebook until I had the chance to deactivate my profile. Then, I could have revealed my full name. “Oh, this is it. Like the color, but….” Unfortunately, she repeated my name back to me. Then, I heard this pause, and she said, “I’ll get back to you.” I tried calling a few times. I realized, with much dismay, that this was just one more case of discrimination.

In X town, I found a lovely-looking home and it seemed ideal. However, it looked like the person AGAIN looked me up somehow. When you get the ole silent treatment with no particular response nor any reason why they’re turning you down, well, no doubt the silent treatment is a way to say, “we cannot respond because to admit we’re bigoted would be putting our feet straight into our mouths.” So the usual response is to not answer their phones nor respond to messages. They might as well be saying, “Hey, we do not want you around here. Get lost.”

All that happened ages ago. Over a year ago, maybe two. Now, it’s the ole job hunting and it’s the same deal pretty much. Get lost, kid.

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