Typical way that a psychiatrist/mental health professional acts

Note the way these professionals treat this dad. Note the stance they take, their overall uncaring attitude. Note their haughtiness, their disrespect. Note their holier-than-thou, constantly gaslighting this dad.

I feel sorry for this father. I’m with the commenters. Take a look.

7 thoughts on “Typical way that a psychiatrist/mental health professional acts”

    1. Pam, what if I took screenshots from this, and used it in a presentation? Only the visuals, since that alone would suffice to demonstrate the haugtiness typical of the profession. Just photos? i could ask the youtuber for permission.

      1. That would be great. And then add speech bubbles with a little text of what they say…i kean, omg they sound just so cruel and inhumane and patronizing all at one time…it is absolutely unbelievable that people fall for it or even take it at all. My god, the power trip is unsoeakablly perverted, but it is way toomtraumatizing still for me to watch even 5 minutes of such interactions before my stomach goes into spasms…omg and to think i used to accept this sort of thing as NORMAL, acceptable, even reasonable!?!? I must have been brainwashed!! Oh, yeah, i was, wasnt i? 8)

        By the way, what is that little circle to thr bottom left that i check without knowing why? It has nothing attached to it, but i assume it will let me know if there are further comments?

    1. No, it’s not diabetes, It’s DI, but that won’t make a person tired. The drugs make me unable to sleep AT ALL. Pretty much. Since 2011. I know now that it’s drug-induced narcolepsy. Getting tested for it soon. I got that scheduled. I hate my former shrink so, so much who had the nerve to call this mania, cuz it ain’t. Once I get the results I am throwing them in her fucking face.

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