Really tired of boring drug discussions

Drug addicts can talk about drugs all they want on their forums I suppose. I’m tired of it. Tired of hearing about the pills. Tired of hearing these sorry folks blame the pills, over and over and over and over. They fail to see the larger truth of the matter, fail to see the real reason for what they call “pain and suffering.” For why they still lead marginalized lives. Is all that because of pills? I don’t think so. Yet it is so easy to blame a drug and not blame the one that gave you those pills. It’s so simple to blame a pretty, completely lifeless pharmaceutical and leave blameless those that imprisoned you, locked you up, demeaned you, insulted you with phony diagnoses, and those other folks around you that validated those diagnoses for years, or even decades. All those other folks, even yourself, all of us who, together, exploited both psychiatry and the pharmaceuticals for our own use. Because having us take on the role of nutcases served someone a purpose. Maybe it served us a purpose, for a while, anyway. Yet who among us will admit to that? It’s easier to blame a pill because a pill is inert and cannot fight back nor admit to just how embarrassed it is. A pill won’t argue. A pill won’t put you back in the slammer nor put you under arrest nor section you nor giggle nor turn beet red. A pill does not threaten you nor accuse, whether these accusations are false or true. No, it sits there in a bottle till you take it, or….just say No Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Really tired of boring drug discussions”

    1. True, a pill cannot retaliate. A doc or institution is likely to retaliate. A dead person won’t, but his family will. Of course you can blame racism, sexiism, capitalism, or “the system.” Honestly I don’t see that as particularly productive. I think that to take down those things, you have to stop those that are perpetuating the mentality, those that are the worst offenders, those that uphold the eugenics of the DSM, such as telling perfectly okay people that they “lack insight into their condition” and drugging them senselessly, or putting them into babysitting programs, or incarcerating them, or causing them to live unemployed, marginalized lives.

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