Why I don’t support NEDA anymore (National Eating Disorders Association)

I used to be a True Believer in these folks and all those “help” organizations. I really thought they helped people! I really thought that the reason they hadn’t helped me yet was because I wasn’t lucky. I figured that day was right around the corner. I just had to sit tight. NEDA would come save the day sometime. Very soon. I just had to “get it right.” So I’d go to their events. I’d sit there and hope. And hope.

Sometimes I’d call them. Like when I didn’t have a therapist I called them and asked if they knew of one. I phoned a few of their “help” numbers. Then I found out they help other people, but I kinda fell between the cracks. They’d help, but not if you were on public assistance. Not if you were on Medicare and Medicaid.

What? You don’t have rich parents who will pay? And pay and pay?

So I was out of luck. They looked on their lists and said maybe I should just get one of those Yellow Pages books and call therapists at random. I did. I made hundreds of calls.  All said no. No openings. I called Medicaid and all six names were out of date.

I called NEDA back. Maybe a year later they had a couple of names for me. One had no openings. One charged much more than I could afford. Another was a three-hour drive away, that is, if I had a car.

Then NEDA referred me to one on the bus line. I phoned her but she wouldn’t take me unless I agreed to the forced weigh-in, forced meal plan, and everything forced worse than I had had before. Okay, but I’m not in kindergarten anymore……I hung up. Do I laugh or cry over this?

I finally did find one but after the third appointment when he asked me out on a date I quit seeing him.  I should have reported him.

I tried to get into one of NEDA’s “support groups” which they praised up and down as being oh so helpful. Then they kicked me out saying they couldn’t have me there if I didn’t have a therapist. By then, of course, I definitely didn’t want a therapist anymore. I think they just didn’t want me there, period.

So much for that.

I can’t at all support NEDA’s mission since they pushed so heavily for the Murphy Bill. I am not at all happy about the way NEDA is funded, either. I think they are not a credible organization. I would not trust them at all. They make no statement about human rights. In fact, if you have a human rights concern they will not help you. Even something very basic (not “right to treatment”). By human rights I mean Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom to live where you want, Freedom to have privacy in your life, Freedom from searches and seizures….Clean water and clean air, Freedom to make your own choices and to be allowed age-appropriate responsibilities, the Right to be treated with Respect. These are very basic human rights. The Murphy Bill expressly denies us these rights based on the exception of so-called “mental illness,” allowing the authorities to use force on people who have not committed crimes.

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  1. Sounds like NAMI. I used to be a card-carrying NAMI zombie. At least it was free to attend. Membership for folks like me was $3 a year. Finally discovered their “stigma alerts” were a huge smoke screen, after they censored speakers who apparently had recovered (without drugs) and allowed a friend of mine–fellow NAMI “consumer”– to die from a drug-induced seizure.

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